Thursday, September 29, 2005


lacking the ability to think clearly is a unfair mess.i must do something about my unpermittable is becoming ay payne in thay ass.and abhi college hasnt even properly started!its the first week!THIRD DAY must go on then i guess.for quite some time.*sigh*.*tiredness seeping in.cranky mood seeping out*.i better sleep b4 i harm some1.


Sheela observed the sea's ferocity from atop a balcony.Her cigarette was at its end,and she tilted her head as she swigged the last of it.Her kohl-rimmed eyes gave away that she was deep in thought.The truth was that she was mesmerized by the violence of the waves crashing onto the shore.Everything shook as the waters leaped out of their proximity.'Wow',Sheela whispered.She inhaled the salty sea air,trying to ingrain the scent in her blood.The cool wind wuffled her long hair so she looked like some model from a Thermasilk ad under the bright silver moon.She smiled to herself,then chuckled inevitably.I think God had conspired against her,because immediately,out of nowhere,it started raining.Sheela's chuckled turned into peals of laughter.She flicked her cigarette onto the beach below and went back inside,the sea roaring away behind her.

(tht was my dream last nite.i also dreamed tht i making pancakes with Mina and Sana Malik:Sssss)

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

the next generation

my nephews and niece were over the other day.they live in England,but come to visit occasionally.the result:they speak urdu,english,punjabi mix:D.they r 3,7 and 11 respectively,are the most adorable things EVER,and i wanna adopt them netime soon.

3 yr old female:
asked 'meesha ye kaun hai?'*points to self* 'mein cute hoon,aur *points at fooki* ye farooq mamoo hai'
'zahra khala ye dekhein!'*blows kiss*
'mujhe new mama chahiye.old mama bohot koji hai'*khekhekhe*
*dances to 'kajra re'*
*make-up lover.applies gloss vigorously*
*screams loudly,contently*
'bachon computer BANND karo,dekho mein dance kar rahi hoon naaaa'
*humming erratic tunes*
'mama mein hungry hoon'
*giggles malevolently*
*sly smirk*
*whips hair to one side*
*gets picture taken*
'aaj mein 3 yrs old ho gayi hoon'
'mujhe kissy chahiye'*pouts*

7 yr old male:
*singing 'run' with me*
helps with chores
has a number of LiveStrong bands=)
*writes my name on my arm*
*draws me a car on rocky mountains*
*dances to Come on England*
'Zahra Khala,ur weird'*embarassed*:D
*laughs at this list*
has clean feet *checks feet*
*whispering secrets*
*reads my mind*
'i have a shirt like tht too!a shirt with a tick on it!'(i.e:nike)

11 yr old male:
*writes DIE on his leg with a pen*
*laughs with ugly teeth*
has a discussion with me on DiJal and related stuff
'i like God,but i dont get a lot of stuff'
*plays runescape*
'zahra khala,i'm hungry'
'i'm not wearing shorts!matt dekhein,shame shame hota hai...'
'come to england!'
*does kumon*
*listens to chop suey 24/7*

i LUV them to bitses:D

Saturday, September 03, 2005

All hail Queen Flitsump

whoever sed being a woman is phenomenal deserves a black eye.the agonies of childhood,grlhood,motherhood,then finally grandmotherhood is bloody devastating.ok,u kno wat?this is quite the expansive subject,with shit load of contradictions and i'm just ranting on about out o-so-superior gender and its wonderfullness(*bleh*) cuz of PMS.ignore me.

dont bite,i'm better at it

i think stupidity comes naturally to me.and arrogance.thts not a very good combination,haina?being ignorant,then being deliberately oblivious about it.thus starts the KC interview story.i was sitting quietly,reading 'Tess of the D'Urbervilles' by thomas hardy,when they called me in first.i've decided i hate journalism and nething related to it.not only tht,i applied in the 2 hardest majors,plus i forgot to apply thru Dramatics.i was stuttering for God's sake!i NEVER stutter.i wasnt even nervous,just shit bored with the entire mind was completely blank and i literally blinked dumbly every time they asked me a question.Gaza evacuation,global warming,london bombings,conservation of water and electricity,my fav author.i cudnt even answer 'my fav author' q!i mean GOD.theek hai,i dont have a fav author,but did i have to say J.K.Rowling?is it my fault tht i had just finished Potter boy yesterday nd tht there was nothing inside my haed except Dumbledore's tomb?i hate CNN.theek hai,its prob the second channel i watch most apart frm Mtv,but i dont pay attention all the time *blush* (dont tell my dad).i didnt really intend to screw up u kno.But it happened and i was labelled 'stupid' after the first 10 words tht came out of my mouth.*sigh*.so yes,tonight,i plan to chew my lip till it bleeds.