Sunday, November 13, 2005


The leaves made swishing sounds and the clouds hid the moon.She kissed the tip of his nose and slowly moved towards his cheek.she kissed his ear,then ran her hands through his curly,unkempt hair.He smelled of delicious Polo blue and stale cigarettes.She smiled as she snuggled close to his skinny torso,and found solace in the quiet peace that was surrounding them.She looked up at his face,pale in the wan moonlight,and at that moment,she had never loved him more.She dragged a single finger down his face....over his temples..his closed eyes...his half-open mouth..and finally kissed him.
She pulled back almost immediately,and spat on the ground.'Booze',she said,getting up from where they both lay.She sighed and shook her head in disgust.'It was always about the booze,wasnt it?!',she said,seething with anger,'you lying bastard.I TOLD you I'd hunt you down if you left me,and I did!And're all mine.Revenge is indeed sweet,my love'.His eyes remained closed,his mouth,half-open.She stared down at him with a smirk on her face.'You're a pathetic piece of shit,'she said.'Do you hear me?!UR A PATHETIC PIECE OF SHIT!' she yelled that towards the skies.She bent over and took out the broken vodka bottle she had rammed into his stomach and kicked him in the ditch she had dug.By the time she was done,the sun was coming out from behind the trees.She wiped her hands on her clothes and smiled as the morning breeze ruffled her hair.Rufus started barking as he saw her emerging from the forest.'Hey you,'she said as she scratched his ears.'Let's get some breakfast,shall we?'.Rufus whimpered.