Thursday, January 26, 2006

dil se

Yesterday on tv,I saw this song that I've been listening to since I was 12,but had'nt heard in a while.And I realized that this was only at that point that I had actually understood the lyrics...suddenly it all made sense why I loved the song so much...look into it,and maybe you'll see it too=)

Dil se re...dil se re (x2)
Dil tou aakhir dil hai na
Meethi si mushkil hai na
Piyaaaa piya
Piya,piya,piya na piya..
Jiya,jiya,jiya na jiya..
Dil se re...

(intro only.baki gana abhi bhi nahin samajh aata:p)


Zainab. said...


they were dancing on top of a train right????

Zh~* said...

hahahahahahhahahhha NO:p
tht was chaiyan chaiyan paindoo.

Zainab. said...