Monday, January 09, 2006

sheep-counting at 2:21am

Hub's right.So what if he's benigered?Or pretentious?Maybe I'm too young to think of old things.But that doesn't mean I dont like my flick-ity haircut;).Its true I ponder on what he says,and one thing's for sure:dreamers get nowhere.But he just makes realism such a sad,tiring state to live in.True,I am the centre of my own universe,kinda like what Aqualung says 'you turn every head but you don't see me'.I think of myself as a quite a head-turner of some sort(oh,sod off,this is MY realm),but the way hub drills 'the real world' into my head is like......a white oleander floating in a swamp......or a square in a room full of circles....acha yaar,pata nahin.koi point thaa iss ke beech mein lekin woh gumm ho gaya hai.However,I do wonder who aly khan is.I want to ask him what it feels like to be randy=D.

I don't know why,but I just can't wait for Keepay's story.It'll...I dunno...sorta tell me what he actually thinks about the 'princess'....what she's like,who does he think she is,and what she really means to him.Too bad if he reads this...hope it doesn't make him contemplate what to write and what not to write...KEEPAY IF YOU'RE READING THIS YOU CAN'T EDIT YOUR STORY!Bas.khattam baat.

Its retardedly cold,and my bum is as cold as the tip of my nose,which is very cold.
People I'd like to get to know someday(as in,have good taluqaats with):
  1. Mina and Sana Malik(they continue to perpetually interest me,probably cuz i never had big sisters to tell me stories=D)
  2. Irtiqa wala banda.(brilliant writer.absolutely brilliant.I wonder where he gets his ideas from?)
  3. Dave Matthews(fucking amazing)
  4. Saad Butt (aaaahahahhaha,he's funny=D)
  5. fishy(same reason as above)
  6. jerry lewis(I like his name)
  7. Robin Williams(he had me ever since Aladdin)
  8. All my USA cousins...(we've drifted apart)

ummmm.abhi ke liye itne hee log yaad hain:s

you know whats not fair anymore?Being good at something.Doesn't matter how well you sing/cook/eat/write/play the guitar/pratice Tai Chi,there's always,always someone else out there who's gonna be better at it than you.Thats why there's no use being 'the bestest friend anyone's ever had',cuz someone's doing a better job at being 'bestest'.

Ammi kehti hain namaz/sparah parha karo,kuch Khuda ka khuaf karo.koi Allah ka banda hai aisa jo mujhe yaad dilaa de ke mein ne ek din marna bhi hai?*sigh*

Abbu jaan's mint leaves and rasberry patch...*reminiscing*...mmmmmm....if I ever get to go to the US,I'm gonna climb out of Usman bhai's window,sit on the sittable side of Abbu jaan's slanting roof,suck on my big round lollipop,and watch the sun hide in the trees beyond.I'll want to be 5 again,running around the backyard with no shoes on,and stumble in the over-grown grass.I know that the mint leaves and rasberry patch is gone,but just lying there thinking about the times they were there would be enough.Once upon a time,I too,had no worries.I'd do bring back that feeling once more.

*end rant and cut*


Natasha said...

cute post :D

you changed the template? your blog looks like a granny. bring back the colors :)

Naxuk said...

i would do anything to be back in that time too.when worries didnt exist...*sigh*

Kamil... said...

hey you. long time since ive been here, sweets. love knowing what's up.

Zh~* said...

but then i'll lose i did this time,i had to do it all over again...

Naxuk said...

save yer original settings copy paste them on a clipboard or note pad.and then reset yer template.then it wont go away.

Natasha said...

hey if you need help, lemme know. and haan eid mubarak :)

VanillaSkies said...

hey zh, geez! i notice im no longer in your links! AWW! SOB!

Zh~* said...

shit i'm so sorry vanilla!completely slipped my mind!

ManiK said...


Zh~* said...

hay u shupaytup:D