Tuesday, January 31, 2006

things that pop into my head when i think of certain people

fooki:peechyyyyyyyy!=D.and dirty harry...
saba:galian,out-dated combat boots and chai.
chuggi:laffter.uncontrollable,heart-warming peals of laffter.aur piercings bhi:s.
manno:her 'relax,ur here' smile...makes me feel at home it does...
beebs:nothing can go wrong wen beebs is around.other than tht,finding nemo,5 am parathas and suttas=D.
saif:lots of funny,intellectual outbursts.zero mood swings (his,not mine).
complan:excessive bonding over complete bullshit for 3+ hrs.then no contact for 6 months=)
mani:GOOCHY BOOCHY!hahahahaha...nd a whole truck load of crap i dont know how to say...
mozez:big nose,big heart and bigger mouth=D
ali:awiiiiiiii!star wars,lecturing and being cheap to say in the least;)
sal:star-counting...*sigh*...i miss tht...
rasti:'my humps'!nd....er...a lot of violence and nudity = s (ask me i'll explain hahahahahhahah)
bia:lost little girl look.i LOVE her ahahaha.
mehar:wildness hiding behind the veneer of a 22-yr-old sophisticated woman.she laffs at my jokes and likes coffee:)
anum awan:fucking talented and GORJUS.she's going to do my bridal photoshoot inshallah.
kamil:most ingenious 16 yr old i know.gup shup.lots of it.
murty:'zh,pata tumhara masla kya hai?u know too many ppl...'..thnx murty,i love u too:)
fish:conversational wizard.i'm never bored in his company.
saphiya:sweetheart with a lot of spunk;)
abdul:a likeable psychotic asshole.i want his 'feminist' t-shirt.
pavel:hahahaha mera cheap indian songs ganay wala companion!hahahahaha
mkay:wild,crazy,nonchalant bastard.pizza at his house onlee pliss.
mesh:onion-layered,talks much sense boy.
mina+sana:beauty and brains unite perfectly here.
irtiqa:bhai yaar,KYA naam hai iss ka?i'm such a huge fan and he dont even kno..lol...
ahmar:hahahahahah good,funny,reliable to not wake up.awkward nose.
mr.d int:haiiiiii he is soOOoO WANT-able.....
hub:dreamer.mentor.lots of talk and no bullshit.
vine:*beep*! hi i'm insane:D.no,i'll never forget the day he brot me fooooood yay!
saleha:she's so PURRty!
crispy:*ting*.frolic comes in short packages too:D
lashari:fun doesnt end here:D.and neither does well-needed advice...i love you!
zahra:loud,shrill,HUGGAblE baby of mine.3 am waffles,old songs,lots and lots of stories and sheesha in tubs;)
amal:gorjus gorjus gorjus.perfection personified.
joo:she's actually funny hahahahaha.and sensitive:.
abidan:yaar,full kism ki chaa gayi hai ye aurat.breakfast and photoshoots at her place onlee pliss.
abbass:lean,mean,grinding machine:D
ehsan:'stayin alive' baybeh!also,his razaai and his sunglasses.tweed coat?naaaaah.hehe.
james:whiny amreekan.
bass:the best neighbour ne1 cud ever ask for:D

ummmmmmmm....thts it for now...ne1 i've forgotten,it cuz i hate you.really.:)


Zainab. said...


i love you.

Zh~* said...

thnkuss thnkuss!;)

ManiK said...


*picks nose*

*eats cookies*


Abdul said...

I'm not a psychotic asshole!!

Now your DEFINITELY not getting my feminist tshirt.


Natasha said...

lol, this was cute :)

Pavel said...

achcha yaar! ab main itnay bhi cheap indian gaanay naheen gaata!

*stalks away singing mahi mahi mahi mainu chhalla pawaa de*

Zh~* said...


complan said...

ahahaha dude thats exactly the way i'd like to be remembered!


Zainab. said...


saphiya said...

arey sweetheart to you too. very very sweetheart to you. *smoochin*

Zh~* said...

log wohi samjhein ge jo unhay samajhna chahiye:D

Rasti said...

Firstly ure such a bitch usin my dialogUE!!!! :@ *ThnkuSS!*
KUTTII...*Slaaps Zahra* hmmm
now comes teh part wehn we throw our heads bak n laugh..REAdy?!
ok next point....Myhumps fine...chalta hai, violent phir bhi acceptable...but WOMAN!!!!
WTF r u thinkin wehn u say nudity....log kya samjhein GE....:S
TAuba TAuba!!!