Monday, February 27, 2006

To Gobi

Thank you for giving me the courage to speak my mind,when and where I want.For forcing me to walk in the 'wet' rain/hailstorm in pursuit of the ice cream we never had.For bringing out my true blondeness,then laughing with me and not at me.For making the most devious plans of gts that always failed horribly.For the frenchie you look so HOT in.There wouldn't have been a world today without you...well...there wouldv'e been,but not MY world (which is so uberly cooler than this one;)).You rank in one of the most precious chuddy buddies on my list.Love you buoy.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Road to Perdition

I run:
Out of fear from fear.
Towards the north-east for no reason
From guilt and its thunder.
After time and impossible things.
High on life.
Between and sideways
Out of negligence because of it.
Before they can find out what hit them so hard.
Against the south wind and its reasons.
Blue,grey and purple.
From you.

Sometimes,I run away.But it doesn't matter,cuz I know you do it too.

Saturday, February 25, 2006


#1 - Secret Letter to Santa Claus

December 24, 2005
Dear Santa,
Let this remain between you and me. I've been good all year. Please please please listen to me. I have an urge. I have an urge to be a... desi boy. Please don't tell anyone. Please let me be a desi boy when I wake up tomorrow. Thanks.
Yours sincerely,
boom boom boom boom boom
everybody loves a desi boy
desi boy
everybody loves a desi boy
i wanna be a desi boy
desie boy
i wanna be a desi boy
desi boy!
#2 - Hand Lotions
uh huh. so lyk dun judge me or nyfin but i got diz secret luv 4 hand lotions. yeh. u no wha i'm sayin'? yeh. u name it...i've smelt it. dey smell so fine.
#3 - My Ex-Husband
My ex-husband and I had a good relationship...
We were happily married...
But I had severe 'image issues'...
Someone sneaked into our room and took THAT picture of him *look below*
I had no option but to get a divorce...
What if my friends saw that?
What would they think?
#4 - Addiction
i am addicted to women with WHITE hair. i think its such a TURN ON. take gwen stefani for example. DAMN. i'll show you some of my ladies:

at least someone's happy=)

anum; єńzǿ black night white lights... says:
Zh~*: a hamster named Vladimir says:
the weather is blastedly amazing.i dont know wat to do with myself.
baby if the lights go out,
i'll imagine you right here with me.


Mani says:

(i love it wen i make him do tht=))

high and dry

Don’t leave me high,
Don’t leave me dry.
Don’t leave me high,
Don’t leave me dry.
Don’t leave me high,
Don’t leave me high,
Don’t leave me dry.

i just wanna be free.


Friday, February 24, 2006

an average e-mail

so.the 'ppl' who were over turned out to be a prospective rishtay wali aunty,complan,her best frnd yasmeen,nd fooki's band members.i've had a rough day with 3-4 hrs sleep in the past 48,but its been some parts.

like wen me and rasti were reading books in the dhoop in college.over fries and cookies.or wen me,mehr and bia read peekay's story (which makes you want to be in love for the first time all bloody over again,btw=]) together in the lab.and wen me,saif,compy,mk,yasmeen,peevish and murti sat in the LUMs parking lot talking about beetlejuice and SATII math.also the LNAT btw,which saif thinks i shud apply for=/.and wen (HAHA) i was caught in literature reading jaishree misra instead of thomas fucking hardy.or wen bia kicked sundus REALLY hard (tho unintentionally) and me and fati fell on the floor laffing.=).life is is quirky.and i think i'm liking it much...

i miss you a lot.almost every single second i breathe.its lonely here without u sometimes.its scary.i feel like i'm sitting in a group of ten ppl,all talking simultaneously about different things,and i'm not a part of ne of them.i'm oddly out of doesnt feel like home.

i'm getting sick.lack of sleep,lots of milo and showering without reason does tht to me..i want to do something productive,but its hard to figure out wat wen u feel so empty inside.

WOW tht was such a blog e-mail,i think i'm gonna posted it=D.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Your Blogging Type is Unique and Avant Garde

You're a bit ... unusual. And so is your blog.You're impulsive, and you'll often post the first thing that pops in your head.Completely uncensored, you blog tends to shock... even though that's not your intent.You tend to change your blog often, experimenting with new designs and content.

fun shit=)

a place called home.

She opened one bleary eye.His sleeping face came into focus slowly.For a second she couldn't figure out what happened last night.She shifted uneasily under the weight of the blanket covers and finally sat up.Bored,she started tracing the tatoo that covered his back.He groaned as her cold finger went up and down and sideways,tickling him.

'Acha utho na,' she insisted.More groaning.She sighed.'Fine,I'll go make you some coffee.Will you get up then?It's half past four anyway'.'Maybe,' is the answer in a muffled voice.She pulls a robe over her tank and shorts,puts on some fluffy blue slippers and ties her hair in a scrunchie.There's no one at home,silence greets her.Just as she lights the stove,the doorbell rings.She opens the door,and a number of hands grab her in different regions of her body.3-yr-old twins sticking to each leg,5-yr-old jumps (miraculously) onto her chest and 10-month old baby sucks noisily in the background.'Hahaha..hey you guys!Did you have fun?'she asks,knowing the raucous she's going to recieve as an answer.' mommy!..balloon...he pushed!...Im hungry...OW!...I wanna watch Lion fair..*one of em wails*...can I?...koja!' the twins (Bilal and Hamza) go on and on and on.'Mom,where did you put my bat?I have to go play with Eric,'Raed inquires.Trying to make them stop talking is impossible so Raina picks up baby Mia and says 'Hey my little baby waybee...Thanks for taking them out again today Shelley.You're a gem,' and kisses her on the cheek.'Haha..they're super-hyper and super-fun.Its always a pleasure,' Shelley says.'Ok,you guys,wait a second.If I get order in the house and no mess,we'll have something yummy for dinner.And chocolate something for dessert,' Raina adds.A general whoop of approval greets her and even Mia gurgles in delight.Maternal instincts take over as Raina directs the children to sanity (or something like it),as she orders the dirty shoes into one corner,takes out the honorary bat to give to Raed and changes Mia's diaper,while Shelley helps herself to something in the kitchen.
'I thought I heard a tornado...,' comes a voice from on top of the stairs.'DADDY!I ME...piggyback..I pulled the clown's nose...hey gerROff..' a bundle of bodies cling to one another in a huge loving embrace as Raina and Shelley watch in admiration.'Goodness,Sameer at least u should've worn something decent,' Raina interjects,staring critically at his wifebeater and shorts.Sameer looked up from his mass hug regime and smirked at her.'Now you don't want me to go into detail about what YOU'RE wearing,now do you?'.Raina scoffed and strolled into the kitchen to complete the coffee-making process.'Shell-fish!' Sameer goes over to a laughing Shelley and hugs her warmly.Mia makes angry baby noises,feeling highly neglected,but a twirl in the air and multiple kisses everywhere shuts her up.
Everyday chitter chatter is heard,kids busy in there own things,talking nonsense but making much sense,casual visitor over,Sam in his knickers,glancing every now and then to study Raina's every movement lovingly.It was your typical house,typical people,typical activities,typical everything.Not too ornate decorations,plush carpets and sofas,plenty of glass to let the sun shine through and flowers everywhere.Its what makes you feel right.Its where you belong.
Its home.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

list of movies to watch.

  1. Chronicles of Narnia
  2. 21 grams
  3. Garden State
  4. Brokeback Mountain
  5. Love Actually(again)
  6. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (again
  7. Flightplan
  8. King Kong
  9. Memoirs of a Geisha
  10. Corpse Bride

Anyone else want to add something,feel free.

omg,my history teacher is such a drama.A delicate drama.*hmph**rolls eyes dramatically*

Peech's new name is Foochie everyone.

I cannot imagine not being happy after every time I sneeze.Its such a wonderfully warm feeling to know that at some point in time,in some random person's mind,you're being thought about.Anything you may have done,stupid or unstupid,genuine or sly,good or refutable,is being recalled on.It makes me laugh,wondering what on earth he/she could be reminiscing about.I mean,we all have these thought sometimes,no?=)
I finished 'Arms and the Man' today,suchay yummily flippant author G.B.Shaw is.Ahmar's a retard,he looks nothing like an aurat=/.Kher I recommend the book highly for chuggi,hub,mina,amal,saher and saphiya.I'm not sure whether the rest of you would like it (let alone read it=p).Its about anti-Romanticism and chocolate creams,the best literary combination ever heard of!Also,Bluntschli is the most refined gentleman literature has ever produced.I like him even better than the old fart Darcy.
So anyway,Room Q has officially been marked for smoking up and telling scary stories.If I absolutely had to,I wouldn't mind going insane in that room.The shadows that the sun and trees combine to make are rather entertaining to stare at and decipher.The smallest time span seemed to go on forever.I swear we were like in this time warp,and by the time we got out I felt like I'd been sitting there for eons more than half an hour.And even though Bia wrote 'NO GHOSTS.I'M VERY DISAPPOINTED' on the blackboard,there was this slight chill creeping up your spine as you leaned against the cold,very cold wall.Dude,U was just fucking mesmerized by the haunting peace of the room,right in the middle yet so far away from college life.I just sat sprawled on the chairs watching the shadows change shapes as Bia elborately(read dramatically) carried on with her scary story(ies).
Rally on Monday Mehar wants me to go to,and mother does not want me to go.Not much of a religious fanatic anyway,I'm hoping I can squeeze outta this one.Come to think of it,I'm not an anything fanatic=(.How boring.Amuse me someone.
Caught myself window-shopping alone again but I found this black shirt that had 'DREAMIN FOR JUICY' on it in silver block letters.I mean,how mani-ish can you get?hahahahahahhahahahahhahahahaha=D.
I wonder what Porcupine Tree's 60-tonne angel looks like.Isnt Satan supposed to weigh 60 tonnes?*shrug**Paradise Lost moment*.ooooh,fridge be making noises.I'm actually tired although I slept more than usual.
Dealing with distance is a pain.
(HAPPY walter???=p.thanks for the push though,I really need it sometimes.)

dysfunctional morbidity

(this is old,and I forgot to post it.why I liked it is cuz it doesnt have an ending:))

It is exactly 11:35am on this gorjusly sunny Thursday 19th of Jan.I'm waiting for my ride and I went and stood on the street.I looked left,then right.Every single colour that I could imagine was right before my eyes,and then I looked uo at the sky.The solid pallor of blue,unchanging and oh-so-vast.I hear a plane somewhere,and though there isn't a single cloud in the sky,I can't see it.Sometimes I want to fall in the sky,you know,just for the heck of it.I wonder if I'll feel free,or if I'll panic and look around for something to grope on...

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

let go

Drink up baby down.
Mmm, are you in or are you out?
Leave your things behind,
'Cuz it's all going off without you.
'Scuze me, too busy,
You're writing your tragedy.
These mishaps, your bubble wrap, when,
You've no idea what you're like...

(So let go)
So let go
Mmm, jump in
Oh well whatcha waiting for?
It's alright,
'Cuz there's beauty
In the breakdown.
(So let go)
Yeah, let go
Just get in
Oh it's so amazing here.
It's alright,
'Cuz there's beauty
In the breakdown.

It gains the more it gives,
And then it rises with the fall.
So hand me that remote.
Can't you see that all that stuff's a sideshow?
Such boundless, pleasure,
We've no time for later now, you,
Can't await, your own arrival you've,
Twenty seconds to comply.

(So let go)
So let go
Jump in
Oh well whatcha waiting for?
It's alright,
'Cuz there's beauty
In the breakdown.
(So let go)
Yeah let go
Just get in
Oh, it's so amazing here.
It's alright,
'Cuz there's beauty
In the breakdown.
So let go
Mmm, jump in
Oh well whatcha waiting for?
It's alright,
'Cuz there's beauty
In the breakdown.
(So let go)
Yeah let go
Just get in
Oh it's so amazing here.
It's alright,
'Cuz there's beauty
In the breakdown.
In the breakdown....
'Cuz there's beauty in the breakdown.
The breakdown....
So amazing here....
'Cuz there's beauty in the breakdown

(there=p.i posted up something.)

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Walter Senior

Sometimes,the smallest gestures are actually the biggest moves.Thanks for eveything,u NUT.=)

Saturday, February 18, 2006

special people.

The stains of his unwashed hair on my car window are one of the few things I'll never forget.Thanks.For squeezing my hand,for feeding me naan,for not breaking her arm,for being bored with me.For being you.Its uber cool to have you as my chum.

You,my parallel universe exister,are my lucky star.I'd be half of what I am now if it weren't for you.I think about you 96.3% of the day,the rest is wasted on food,music and sleep.Thank you for cheesecake(the food of love),canned sofas,family planning(hahahaha) and pedro/cory/walter.I hope you know how much you mean to me...

Mirchirani,with you,I feel truly loved.Important.Sexy.And most of all,cool.You are (literally) my smarter half.I dont care about feeling embarassed in front of you cuz I know you'll laugh your (yummy) ass off and say 'OMG MENNA BLONDE BABY I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH!HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA'.Here's to getting lost in your house,drunken orgies,bobby,lit classes and 6 hour online conversations.Dont ever leave me please?

Chuddy buddy,we're a sax couple.Sally should know that I'm your backup when we're 25(I'm only saying that cuz you and I know I'll most probably be married by then).Kudos to you for tolerating me for almost a decade now.To dancing in front of LUMs security cameras,being stuck in the wrong places at the right times,BDC memories that never seem to fade,and your *cough* leather jacket.I still think you have the sexiest teeth in the world=).

For my baby who's always broke,and is always in trouble,yet never ceases to be matlabi.The turtle shall remain a living icon when all else ceases to exist.You know exactly how much I love you,to the extent of exact size,shape and colour.Funny how much more I want you now that you got your eyebrows done=).

Friday, February 17, 2006

Our Bog is dood

Its good to be bad,its bad to be good.All of us are shiny bald mannequins on display,enclosed in a glass world.Where the ac/heater is always on,the lights are always bright,and the accessories always magical.
The sidewalk outside the glass pane has pink gum on it rolling in dust and wind.The moon shines through the silver clouds and spreads into the purple sky.The only normal thing is the sound of a million cars honking for no apparent reason.

Thursday, February 16, 2006


When I hear the engine pass
I'm kissing you wide
The hissing subsides
I'm in luck

When the evening reaches here
You're tying me up
I'm dying of love
It's ok

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


happy valentine's day bitches=)

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Saturday, February 11, 2006


maketradefair says:
they will love beyond measure those whom they will soon hate without reason.

(prob the only smartest thing mk has ever sed to me.his disconnected outbursts of possible intellectual discussions are what make me hang out with him)

Friday, February 10, 2006

no hell below us

donuts and chilled coffee should now be a sort of tradition from now on.thnx for everything mr.x.\m/.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

You don't care a bit.
You don't care a bit.
You don't care a bit.
You don't care a bit.
You don't care a bit.
You don't care a bit.

Monday, February 06, 2006


you're so junkie
you're my funky

(agay writer's block ho gaya tha.but i like it this way too=))

Thursday, February 02, 2006


I hold the world in my hands
I'M the one who woke up the birds with my laughter,instead of it being the other way around
the sun is the brightest
I will attend all my classes(something I rarely ever do)
I'll take pictures of edible delights
I'm gonna hug everyone I see
I will eat chocolate in your honour
is the time to appreciate small gestures
I will laugh uncontrollably
I'm gonna learn about football
the heart is the gloomiest
blowing daffodils will be the norm
I will grin ridiculously at the lousy face in the mirror
I got what I wanted
Today,I will be loved
Today,is MINE.

and you know why?cuz i love you:)
i'm going to name my tractor massey ferguson.

bas.ho gaya done.