Friday, February 24, 2006

an average e-mail

so.the 'ppl' who were over turned out to be a prospective rishtay wali aunty,complan,her best frnd yasmeen,nd fooki's band members.i've had a rough day with 3-4 hrs sleep in the past 48,but its been some parts.

like wen me and rasti were reading books in the dhoop in college.over fries and cookies.or wen me,mehr and bia read peekay's story (which makes you want to be in love for the first time all bloody over again,btw=]) together in the lab.and wen me,saif,compy,mk,yasmeen,peevish and murti sat in the LUMs parking lot talking about beetlejuice and SATII math.also the LNAT btw,which saif thinks i shud apply for=/.and wen (HAHA) i was caught in literature reading jaishree misra instead of thomas fucking hardy.or wen bia kicked sundus REALLY hard (tho unintentionally) and me and fati fell on the floor laffing.=).life is is quirky.and i think i'm liking it much...

i miss you a lot.almost every single second i breathe.its lonely here without u sometimes.its scary.i feel like i'm sitting in a group of ten ppl,all talking simultaneously about different things,and i'm not a part of ne of them.i'm oddly out of doesnt feel like home.

i'm getting sick.lack of sleep,lots of milo and showering without reason does tht to me..i want to do something productive,but its hard to figure out wat wen u feel so empty inside.

WOW tht was such a blog e-mail,i think i'm gonna posted it=D.

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