Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Peech's new name is Foochie everyone.

I cannot imagine not being happy after every time I sneeze.Its such a wonderfully warm feeling to know that at some point in time,in some random person's mind,you're being thought about.Anything you may have done,stupid or unstupid,genuine or sly,good or refutable,is being recalled on.It makes me laugh,wondering what on earth he/she could be reminiscing about.I mean,we all have these thought sometimes,no?=)
I finished 'Arms and the Man' today,suchay yummily flippant author G.B.Shaw is.Ahmar's a retard,he looks nothing like an aurat=/.Kher I recommend the book highly for chuggi,hub,mina,amal,saher and saphiya.I'm not sure whether the rest of you would like it (let alone read it=p).Its about anti-Romanticism and chocolate creams,the best literary combination ever heard of!Also,Bluntschli is the most refined gentleman literature has ever produced.I like him even better than the old fart Darcy.
So anyway,Room Q has officially been marked for smoking up and telling scary stories.If I absolutely had to,I wouldn't mind going insane in that room.The shadows that the sun and trees combine to make are rather entertaining to stare at and decipher.The smallest time span seemed to go on forever.I swear we were like in this time warp,and by the time we got out I felt like I'd been sitting there for eons more than half an hour.And even though Bia wrote 'NO GHOSTS.I'M VERY DISAPPOINTED' on the blackboard,there was this slight chill creeping up your spine as you leaned against the cold,very cold wall.Dude,U was just fucking mesmerized by the haunting peace of the room,right in the middle yet so far away from college life.I just sat sprawled on the chairs watching the shadows change shapes as Bia elborately(read dramatically) carried on with her scary story(ies).
Rally on Monday Mehar wants me to go to,and mother does not want me to go.Not much of a religious fanatic anyway,I'm hoping I can squeeze outta this one.Come to think of it,I'm not an anything fanatic=(.How boring.Amuse me someone.
Caught myself window-shopping alone again but I found this black shirt that had 'DREAMIN FOR JUICY' on it in silver block letters.I mean,how mani-ish can you get?hahahahahahhahahahahhahahahaha=D.
I wonder what Porcupine Tree's 60-tonne angel looks like.Isnt Satan supposed to weigh 60 tonnes?*shrug**Paradise Lost moment*.ooooh,fridge be making noises.I'm actually tired although I slept more than usual.
Dealing with distance is a pain.
(HAPPY walter???=p.thanks for the push though,I really need it sometimes.)


ManiK said...


haha beychaara peech...uhh i mean FOOCHIE ^_^

sleeping more than usual is tiring =P don't know why though....

Saleha. said...

it also makes people strangely..HIGH..

Zh~* said...

i AGREE:|.
i'm so happy after i sleep=D.

Zainab. said...


did you just call Mr.Darcy an 'Old Fart'??????????????????????


Zh~* said...


Zainab. said...



Saleha. said...

yehh very sexy blog:D:D:D

and its not yelloww

ahahahahaha i know my yellow is ugly but i love it anyway :P :P

im happy even while im sleeping..hmm..or not..maybe thats why i dream of mo and mani in pink viking costumes...

Saleha. said...

*is disturbed*
*has been forbidden by mo to dream*

Zh~* said...


i wanna joooooooiiiiiiinnnnnn!