Thursday, February 23, 2006

a place called home.

She opened one bleary eye.His sleeping face came into focus slowly.For a second she couldn't figure out what happened last night.She shifted uneasily under the weight of the blanket covers and finally sat up.Bored,she started tracing the tatoo that covered his back.He groaned as her cold finger went up and down and sideways,tickling him.

'Acha utho na,' she insisted.More groaning.She sighed.'Fine,I'll go make you some coffee.Will you get up then?It's half past four anyway'.'Maybe,' is the answer in a muffled voice.She pulls a robe over her tank and shorts,puts on some fluffy blue slippers and ties her hair in a scrunchie.There's no one at home,silence greets her.Just as she lights the stove,the doorbell rings.She opens the door,and a number of hands grab her in different regions of her body.3-yr-old twins sticking to each leg,5-yr-old jumps (miraculously) onto her chest and 10-month old baby sucks noisily in the background.'Hahaha..hey you guys!Did you have fun?'she asks,knowing the raucous she's going to recieve as an answer.' mommy!..balloon...he pushed!...Im hungry...OW!...I wanna watch Lion fair..*one of em wails*...can I?...koja!' the twins (Bilal and Hamza) go on and on and on.'Mom,where did you put my bat?I have to go play with Eric,'Raed inquires.Trying to make them stop talking is impossible so Raina picks up baby Mia and says 'Hey my little baby waybee...Thanks for taking them out again today Shelley.You're a gem,' and kisses her on the cheek.'Haha..they're super-hyper and super-fun.Its always a pleasure,' Shelley says.'Ok,you guys,wait a second.If I get order in the house and no mess,we'll have something yummy for dinner.And chocolate something for dessert,' Raina adds.A general whoop of approval greets her and even Mia gurgles in delight.Maternal instincts take over as Raina directs the children to sanity (or something like it),as she orders the dirty shoes into one corner,takes out the honorary bat to give to Raed and changes Mia's diaper,while Shelley helps herself to something in the kitchen.
'I thought I heard a tornado...,' comes a voice from on top of the stairs.'DADDY!I ME...piggyback..I pulled the clown's nose...hey gerROff..' a bundle of bodies cling to one another in a huge loving embrace as Raina and Shelley watch in admiration.'Goodness,Sameer at least u should've worn something decent,' Raina interjects,staring critically at his wifebeater and shorts.Sameer looked up from his mass hug regime and smirked at her.'Now you don't want me to go into detail about what YOU'RE wearing,now do you?'.Raina scoffed and strolled into the kitchen to complete the coffee-making process.'Shell-fish!' Sameer goes over to a laughing Shelley and hugs her warmly.Mia makes angry baby noises,feeling highly neglected,but a twirl in the air and multiple kisses everywhere shuts her up.
Everyday chitter chatter is heard,kids busy in there own things,talking nonsense but making much sense,casual visitor over,Sam in his knickers,glancing every now and then to study Raina's every movement lovingly.It was your typical house,typical people,typical activities,typical everything.Not too ornate decorations,plush carpets and sofas,plenty of glass to let the sun shine through and flowers everywhere.Its what makes you feel right.Its where you belong.
Its home.