Sunday, February 26, 2006

Road to Perdition

I run:
Out of fear from fear.
Towards the north-east for no reason
From guilt and its thunder.
After time and impossible things.
High on life.
Between and sideways
Out of negligence because of it.
Before they can find out what hit them so hard.
Against the south wind and its reasons.
Blue,grey and purple.
From you.

Sometimes,I run away.But it doesn't matter,cuz I know you do it too.


ManiK said...

Impulse runs are the best. Had one yesterday...and it felt like breaking away from everything...

the rush, man, the rush.....

=) i should run more often, just when i feel like it....

Chai Anyone? said...

very nice!

opinionatedinjerzee said...

True, we all are running from something!

Zainab. said...

if you love me, you will listen to Boston by Augustana.

there should only be lamplight in the room, and you have to pretend that it's snowing outside.

once that's done, come talk to me about running away.


Zh~* said...

i love you all.really.