Monday, February 27, 2006

To Gobi

Thank you for giving me the courage to speak my mind,when and where I want.For forcing me to walk in the 'wet' rain/hailstorm in pursuit of the ice cream we never had.For bringing out my true blondeness,then laughing with me and not at me.For making the most devious plans of gts that always failed horribly.For the frenchie you look so HOT in.There wouldn't have been a world today without you...well...there wouldv'e been,but not MY world (which is so uberly cooler than this one;)).You rank in one of the most precious chuddy buddies on my list.Love you buoy.


Zainab. said...

hahhahaha, why do you call the poor dude gobi?

complan said...


stick to burger.
i have copyright issues.

Zh~* said...

aaaahahahhah fudge comps:D