Wednesday, March 29, 2006

anonymous lovin'

so what if when I
enter the bed
weary kajal under my eye
what then?

i'd wipe your tears away,
and gaze at the face of my angel
holding on, for our sleep serene.

tonight's music
won't sound good
cuz I dont really feel like it
what then?

we'd save it for another day
a day when this song will be everything you hear
and your heart's desires are fulfilled

sometimes I'll be happy
other times I won't
pick your clothes off the floor
what then?

I'll learn to borrow strength from you
so that, when you need respite,
i will not burden you, but fend for myself

what if there's no
sense and rhyme or reason
no rules to abide by
what then?

we'll write our own songs.
our words, wrought from sheer poetry,
will lend order to our boundless being.

I might not feel
as warm as I do
on other nights
what then?

i will shelter you from the cold,
in the proximity of a roasting fire, alive with warmth,
your night shades all premise null, my night is but submitted to yours.

I might not give
but expect a whole lot
more.from you.
what then?

i will learn to be patient,
to learn compromise, and the art of giving
so that i may give YOU all that should be yours.

maybe I won't show
what I'm feeling
or what I want you to make me feel
what then?

i will learn your every contortion,
to read you like my mind,
to write in your pages, to cherish your texts.

will love still be as selfish,
and demanding?
or unrequited.
what then?

we will yield to it's whimsical pleadings,
give of ourselves; drained to the base, never to wallow
and this love once shared, need not be returned.

will we still sit
under trees in the unyeilding
what then?

we'd sit at night by a fire,
rekindling our spirits,
waiting for the radiance of a glorious dawn.


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Rasti said...

kutti aurat...stop stealing ma lineSSS!!! the mine!!!:x