Thursday, March 09, 2006

Corpse Bride

It didn't matter much most of the time,cuz well,he was a man,and men were emotionally nonchalant in general.But when it hit home,it hit hard.Like now.He stared down at her in the dimness of the dawn,the morning mist clinging to her skin and bouncing off at the same time.She opened her eyes as he gently stroked her face.She changed her positionn to lying sideways,yet he kept on stroking,this time her bare arm.She finally got out of bed,heading towards their bathroom half-way across the room,without a backward glance.He sighed and leaned back,eyes half-closed,wondering what he did this time.
He watched her through his half-closed eyes,as she got out and walked towards the bay windows that opened out to the sea.She stood there clutching a loose side of her white nightgown,staring preoccupied into the oblivion.He went to where she was standing and put his arms around her.'Oh,you're up?....its early you know.Would you like some breakfast?' she inquired all in a rush as she broke free from the seemingly loving embrace.He grabbed her hand as she tried to breeze past him.'Listen...I know I've asked this question a million times,but I feel obliged to ask again and again.What's wrong love?'
'Nothing at all,'she replied almost instantly.And with that,she put on her robe and left the room.He sighed and shook his head.It was the same routine almost every morning.She had everyone fooled....everyone thought she was the happiest and the luckiest woman in the world.No one saw the emptiness behind her beautiful smile,the far off look in her eyes when she wasn't listening,the limpness in her gait.She was always there,but never really there.She was trained to be the perfect wife,the perfect daughter-in-law,the perfect everything.But he was the only one who saw it all,the only one who knew that this wasn't her.And whenever he confronted her,she averted his questions.There was something inside her that refused to be discovered.She was hiding a secret that would set her free if revealed.He tried clawing his way through,but in vain.She would always have all the emotions sucked out of her.

She would always be his corpse bride.

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ManiK said...

i vants to know secretzzzzzz