Thursday, March 16, 2006

damn em to hell

me bia and mehar were walking to class,when we saw the most horrific thing anyone could ever...EVER imagine.Someone had left a half-eaten creamy pop on a deserted table.(for all of you retards who don't know what a creamy pop is,its the most delicious ice cream you could get in Rs.10).So we all freeze in complete befuddlement,stopping the whole traffic behind us,which also included a teacher.Everyone peered over our shoulder to see what caused the sudden pause in such a cheery life.People (heartlessly) rolled their eyes and walked off towards their respective classes.'What happened beta?'the teacher asks.I picked up the victim of yet another cruel gesture.Sometimes I wish spiderman were real.The teacher,too,laughed and carried on.Me and Bia held it with trembling hands.'We gotta bury it man,there's no other way to pay due respect'.Bia nods solemnly and we walk to the backyard of the PG Block.I dig a hole with a stick while Bia goes 'Hurry up I can't beeeeennnndddd'.'Oh yeah,two secs'.The hole dug,I place the half-eaten,still-hasnt-melted,creamy pop into it.Me and Bia cover it with dirt and grime,and the stick serves as a tombstone.The preist (Mehar) joins the girls standing on the balcony,watching us in our sorrow,paying their respects from afar.

'Dear God,'(Bia starts)'It was a good creamy pop'
'It led a simple,frozen life.It did not deserve to die this death'
'However,I'm sure it must have been happy.And I hope,we all hope,that the sinner rot in hell'

We hugged then,and proceeded to class.


Zainab. said...

if it was a hico creamy pop....i feel your pain.

ManiK said...

i always went for the iceys....

pineapple....MMMMMMMMMMMM ^_^

Zh~* said...

yes was in fact a hico creamy pop.and mani,i\'m gonna have to ask u to leave.there can be no discussions about other ice creams in the presence of the pop.bye.