Saturday, March 04, 2006

drama queens

This is what happens when a bonde and a valley girl (oh my God like oh my GOD,like dude) get together to spend some bored time.

Bia cautiouslyopens the door to the dark(lights were put out)family room,where I was sitting online.
Hiya babe!What's with the lights?*confused face*
Err...I was...tired?yea so I turned off the lights to sleep,but sat online instead.come sit!
*nods,still confused*
We both sit online for a while until my kaam wali comes inside and gives me a brilliant idea,and lo and behold,thunder strikes!
*eyes wide open*Really?That'd be awesome!
*beams*.Lemme change first.I mean,what if I bump into someone cute?SO not cool.
Oh,definitely.*rolls eyes,smiling sideways*.You're beautiful anyway,Z.=).
Shut up B.(from behind a closed closet door)
We get a headstart from my mom and kaamwali.
When gul and I used to walk home from some place,I used to point out all the houses I knew and tell him who lived there.
Yea I used to do that
*giggles*.Let's do the swings first!
man,if only I cud do swings...
Swinging starts.
Dude,I haven't done this in like,a while.
*grins*.yeah me too.
Me and my sister would have races,she was always such a wuss.Like,who's scared of swinging?hahahaha...I still love her though...
Lets kick off our shoes!
*Kicking off of shoes happens*
If you tilt your head going back,the world looks upside down.
I know right?My sister used to get dizzy..*does it too*
What if the world was really like that?Hanging trees,lamposts,houses,with the sky as the ground and the ground as your sky...
But we would fall z...
*shakes head*
We swing for time immortal.I'd like to quote the wonderful Stevie Smith here 'And the hours and moments like minutes pass'.So we're swinging,deep in thought and discussion at the same time.Then Bia suggests we swing in circles.We do that.Swing in circles.I'm just taking in the fact about it being an unusual movement,when Bia goes
Dude.This is kinda like gyrating...'
I stop abruptly and am appalled that this is exactly the motion sex happened in(or so I had heard=p)
Thanks for bringing that to my attention,b.I feel sick now.
hahahahahhaha...*super big grin* but dude its true!remember what Poopy said?
Yes,a little too well,love.
ok,ok,ok.Lets try falling in the sky!
We swing with all out might,reaching for the glittery dots polluting the dark sky above.Its one of the best feelings I've had in a bloody long time.ruined shortly by
DUDE!I think I'm gonna puke..
We stop.
Hey!Lets try standing up!
Dude,I'm too fat =S.The swing'll break..
It'd be fun to watch you fall waisay...
*shoots a scowl*
No seriously,try it.
hahahahah z I'm really gonna fall!
I'm already in the air.B grumbles,standing up very cautiously.The swing suddenly has a mind of its own,getting jiggy with Bia,being uncooperative and fidgety until Bia finally sits on it.
Dude,that jhoola,*points to a circular jungle gym*, looks like it was made for a very big hamster.
Yeah I never tried climbing it.Particularly cuz I had no one to climb with.Lets try it today!
*dread making weird shadows on face*..jungle gyms dont like me.
O comon,I'm in the same boat,more or less.*runs barefoot to the 'hamster box' as we now call it*
I climb on top from the outside,Bia follows suit.We sit,uncomfortably,but satisfied that we have conquered the giant.
See that window?*points to one behind Bia as she turns to look at it*
Hot guy lives there.OOH,hot guy has hot friends too.And an ugly dog...or was it a parrot?
ahahahahhaha...thank God the park is empty.Usually I can't sit on swings and run around barefoot like I did today cuz
a)too many people around to watch my flab juggle *rolls eyes*
b)I have to act mommy to my little cousins
Its unusual for the park to be this empty though.There are usually lots of guys around,smoking,talking on their cells,being rowdy.And staring of course.
Of course.
*moment of silence*
Dude,its like,so nice out here.

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