Monday, March 20, 2006

fancy england

so what if when I
enter the bed
weary kajal under my eye
what then?

tonight's music
won't sound good
cuz I dont really feel like it
what then?

sometimes I'll be happy
other times I won't
pick your clothes off the floor
what then?

what if there's no
sense and rhyme or reason
no rules to abide by
what then?

I might not feel
as warm as I do
on other nights
what then?

I might not give
but expect a whole lot
more.from you.
what then?

maybe I won't show
what I'm feeling
or what I want you to make me feel
what then?

will love still be as selfish,
and demanding?
or unrequited
what then?

will we still sit
under trees in the unyeilding
what then?


ManiK said...

well then...

we'd sit at night by a fire,
rekindling our spirits,
waiting for the radiance of a glorious dawn.

= )

Zh~* said...