Wednesday, March 15, 2006

how to get back at a hawk:by zahrah haider and mehar javed

To me hawk/cheel/falcon/eagle are all the same.So we spot one,all magnificent and grand perched up on a branch looking/acting as if it owned the world.We're quite in awe of its pride,its ferocious gaze and dazzingly dangerous beak.scorn fills our empty insides...slowly...assuredly...

*mehar mutter* 'just cuz u can sit on a branch...'

that's enough to perk me up.

'damn you big black thing with wings!'*i shake my scowls back unnerved*
'yea!'*mehar pipes in*.'we're soooo much cooler than you are!'*sticks out tongue*
'yea!we can talk.can you talk?'
'and we can eat naan-samosa'
'and chocolate chip cookies'
'and we have airplanes!'
'which are so much bigger than you are' *sticks out tongue*

(keep in mind that we are slowly edging away from the intimidating animal and that one of the twins is with us,mildly amused)

'and it serves breakfast,lunch and dinner'
'plus a choice between orange juice and champagne'
'and peanuts!'

The hawk/cheel/falcon/eagle merely puffs its chest out one last time before flying off to somewhere we can't follow.

Damn him.

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