Wednesday, March 22, 2006

a moon between the clouds

Sometimes,a sweater isn't enough to keep you warm from the cold.Even the cold you feel inside.Sometimes its uncomfortable to feel alone.Oddly enough,I did feel incredibly beautiful under the foggy light of that darn street lamp.Things will be stuck in my head for a long time to come.Like Taran.And smiling with your eyes wide shut.You know,I've always wanted to spend such a gorgeous night like this with someone who mattered.And man do you matter.I've never taken out time to properly thank you,or be whoever you want me to be(cuz everyone wants someone to be something).I just want you to know that I'm ridiculously proud of who you are,and so very honoured to be able to hang around you like one of your contemporaries.I pity the fool who condemns and contradicts your actions and thoughts(and that would be you yourself,really).You are,as I said before,the perfect Mr.Higgins,and your Eliza is somewhere selling flowers (or eating Kit Kat;)) like there's no tomorrow.Don't you dare try changing her,you scum,it wouldn't be the most righteous thing to do.Much love,pagal.Shine on=).

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Naxuk said...

Something tells me you mite be one of them.Read my last post.
\\m/ Rock on.
May the mass apology work.
P.S. if yer NOT. *mwah*
P.P.S. Mish ya!!