Sunday, April 30, 2006

I make a line through the dust with my finger.And hey,you're smiling back at me=).

taj mahal

Today I have realized,that we are mere mortals.That a concept too great to comprehend.The love I witnessed today (however fake or made-up),was the purest,richest and deepest form that I could have ever seen.We're all amateurs,us.We know nothing about love.Words are indeed nothing.They fade like the east wind.What's left behind..the remnants..dust..echoes...not big white structures that stand till the end of time.A living emotion,the Taj Mahal is.Its proof that indeed eternal.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

unspoken rules

  1. guys wear their watches on the left wrist and girls on the right (or vice versa)
  2. coke owns pepsi
  3. LGS defence has the hottest girls
  4. Boys with guitars are attractive no matter how they look (Jal ka Gauher),or what they wear (erm.Fooki?)
  5. guys should always pay for meals.always.
  6. girls come across as sleazy when they swear.
  7. and its ok for guys to swear all they want.the bigger gali,the better.
  8. chuggi is perpetually on crack.
  9. Pancake Lounge is th3 sax.
  10. you can't say 'no' to Rasti.She is the grim reaper in a gorjus disguise.
  11. A british accent will catch a girl's attention especially if a brown guy has it=p.
  12. London is the place to be (*HINT HINT*)
  13. Its called anti-perspirant...welcome to the 21st century.
  14. Chocolate is a band-aid.
  15. Milo is religion.(and the milo man is an eligible bachelor)
  16. Lacy underwear is so much sexier.
  17. Long hair on women too.
  18. Like,it is SO not bad to like be a valley girl...
  19. Silly antics are adorable
  20. You can never have too many accessories
  21. Or shoes
  22. Or credit
  23. Gumbal and Sul are the sexiest twins after the Olsens.They are also the most edible,a trait the Olsens don't possess..

kudos to bia for helping out on this one.and if anyone wants to add anything,feel free to do so=)


I think I have found my paratha pulao man=)

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Obstacles are like speed breakers.They displace you sitting comfortably in your seat and then you have to rearrange yourself and your coffee cup/rearview mirror/newspaper/ac vent.Its odd how these comparisons are made.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

times of day

The Indian hullabaloo has come to a gradual standstill,and I'm tired of telling people the same stories over and over again.I kinda think that they're my memories,mine alone,and I want to keep em and put em in a wooden box at the back of my almaari.

So there are a few things I've been thinking about (just a few,cuz too much thinking fucks you up) and its like.Like I want to say something.Significant.I absolutely hate to think that my writing has no effect or influence on the person(s) who read(s) it.and then its odd to think why should it matter,cuz really,everyone's writing nowadays.Its almost as cool as knowing how to speak French (and mind you not everyone can speak good French).

So I had to say something but I forgot.I'm starting Keates today,or rather i have already,and i'm just not kinda paying attention.My teacher looks like watshername,Mary Poppins wali bandi.Except she has flaming red hair thats clashing horribly with the blue in her suit.I'm so mean,but its true!hahahahhahahahahhaha and she says 'poyem'.

I should start swimming cuz like,chuggi does too=D.wonder why she didn't drown,dubba kahin ki (REMEMBER DUBBA AHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA).

I can chik-o-fy Keates' bio from google,haina?I don't need to write down what she's dictating (shit I dont even know her name).

Its odd how all these writers were never writers to begin with.They were all military men,or doctors or physicists.

English is becoming distorted as a universal language.Everyone talks bilingually now.The global village is more alive now than ever.For example,there's not a single thing i can explainify clearly w/o using urdu or whatever.Like,the other day I was talking to James,and I was trying to tell him something,but woh samajh hee nahin raha tha and I got so annoyed and said 'bhai yaar kya cheez ho tum'.He went offline after that buahahahha.

OOH idea aaya.oki bi.

conversations with b

do you know what would be a cool tattoo?a bar code.
I know of this one guy who actually got that did look very cool.In high his nipples pierced as well=D.
oh dear.shudve sucked on em=p.
giggle????!!!!more like a sexy growl z not pirate sounds hahahahaha!
shut up!

Fizza Kamal has started to cover her head recently..I'm glad for her...
*sigh*.She always did you're just blind.
nuh-uh!no she didn't...she used to wear her hair in a braid or a ponytail.
lagta hai ghar se maar kha ke aayi hai bechari.I mean,look at her!
OMG zee!gandi bachi!
She knew we were talking about her!hahahahahhahaahahhahahhaha!
*sinks into her chair*
love you I

uff i'm so tiiiiiiired *sob*.and I have to blog and stuffs when I gets home.I'm suddenly inspired.*sigh*.stop checking urself out man.
forgive me o-perfect-one.DUUUUUUUUUUDE you're voice is like,so rapeable!hahahaahhahahah i LOVE she coming to paki anytime soon?she should'd be fun..
dude.wen sheikh looks at me,i feel naked.
i know!she has those eyes that pierce through you.

menna baby is so EDIBLE mwah.just dont let another 16 yr old take advantage of you again;)

Monday, April 24, 2006

i'm back.lots of stories and memories cling to me now.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

drumroll please

so.i've figured,that you're not really supposed to place people on pedestals,cuz once they're up,the only way they can go about is down.which is cool least,in this case.i'm ok now.really.i'm ok=D


courtesy ali.em(love you=D)*sheeday

Friday, April 14, 2006

strawberries are red people wearing their green skirts on their heads.

and DAYUM are they good=D.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

time fades like the water bubbles that pop after you wash ur hands.

someday,i'm so scared,that i won't be me anymore.i won't enjoy what i do anymore.that time will one day say 'jee,love.its your turn'.and i WILL shit in my pants and go ftw and all fidgety and concious about making the best of my that one day.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

strutting down the halls with Christ earrings on

I feel most beautiful when I can barely see myself in the classroom windows passing by.The inauspiciously gentle wind making its path through my hair.Faria's memo of 'watch Rang de Basanti' penned on my neck.Wondering why I absolutely must wear my shalwar smack on my belly button rather than my pelvic bone,way down where I like it.Significant thoughts looming in the head include why I'm wearing lime green nailpolish with black and turquoise,how to get taller and my God walter bracelet is ever so hot.Also includes why some girls smell like men and that I wish I was Snow White so I could tell these crows to fuck right off.Its one of those moments where you enjoy solitude,when you decide,I'd better straighten things out,yeah this is the time to think rationally,but you end up wondering how you indeed look odd in the green-tinted classroom windows with the sun providing an ugly background.
What.......what will happen if A and EP come crashing down?Nice thought you put in my head epod.I can't really imagine waisay but I'm kinda considering complete reclusiveness if that happens.Another interesting thought Bia came up with is that what if you don't know whether the one you have is the best you've ever had or will have?What if you'll never know what the best really is?But then Mehar interjected (as always) with her positive,somewhat hopeful interjection,that its up to you to make that person the best for yourself.That kinda got us all thinking in the opposite direction.
Look in the eyes
of the face of love
look in her eyes
oh,there is peace
no nothing dies
within pure light
only one hour
of this pure love
to last a life
of thirty years
only one hour
so come and go....
faggot em stole my boy.*grRrr*.

Monday, April 03, 2006

pleasantries exchanged.

book burning. says:
Zh~*: we're nothing more than fools and whores says:
mein sonay jaa rahi hoon
Zh~*: we're nothing more than fools and whores says:
Zh~*: we're nothing more than fools and whores says:
i hate love
book burning. says:
Zh~*: we're nothing more than fools and whores says:
cuz it keeps u awake
book burning. says:
book burning. says:
true true
book burning. says:
it's not worth it though
Zh~*: we're nothing more than fools and whores says:
so i see

Saturday, April 01, 2006

uff pata nahin kya likhna tha bilkul damagh se slip ho gaya hai.

monitering machines do...hmhmhmhmmm...

i hate the way fuad stares as if i'm going to go up to him nd say hi.or the way gul stares like i have a goop in my wants to talk...

*sigh*.i'm least thts wat the stamp stays on my right hand.shudve been on my forrrreeeeehhhheeeaadddd.and now i'm more hungry.THINK I'LL GO GET ME SOME MINU CHOCOLATE frikkin chocolate given to me by a frend.<3,absolutely HEART minu.i hope she has the beautifullest babies and the bestest life.ever and all around.

maaaaaaaaaan i think i wanna get high.payal going *chunn chunn*.hate rasti for kicking me in the rear thrice.AND HATE CRISPY FOR HELPING.i will be revenged.other than tht,pretty cool day overall,mother needs to relax,i need to get taller is calling out to me.SHIT sleep has taken the form of minu chocolate now.shit.this is bad.hate this table,no room to stick my legs in.

correction to all who think so:i'm not a saint.i'm not the light.i'm just a dreamer who dreams about things and knows they won't come true but dreams to live in that world anyway.i am mine.and also sleepy.