Wednesday, April 26, 2006

conversations with b

do you know what would be a cool tattoo?a bar code.
I know of this one guy who actually got that did look very cool.In high his nipples pierced as well=D.
oh dear.shudve sucked on em=p.
giggle????!!!!more like a sexy growl z not pirate sounds hahahahaha!
shut up!

Fizza Kamal has started to cover her head recently..I'm glad for her...
*sigh*.She always did you're just blind.
nuh-uh!no she didn't...she used to wear her hair in a braid or a ponytail.
lagta hai ghar se maar kha ke aayi hai bechari.I mean,look at her!
OMG zee!gandi bachi!
She knew we were talking about her!hahahahahhahaahahhahahhaha!
*sinks into her chair*
love you I

uff i'm so tiiiiiiired *sob*.and I have to blog and stuffs when I gets home.I'm suddenly inspired.*sigh*.stop checking urself out man.
forgive me o-perfect-one.DUUUUUUUUUUDE you're voice is like,so rapeable!hahahaahhahahah i LOVE she coming to paki anytime soon?she should'd be fun..
dude.wen sheikh looks at me,i feel naked.
i know!she has those eyes that pierce through you.

menna baby is so EDIBLE mwah.just dont let another 16 yr old take advantage of you again;)

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