Tuesday, April 04, 2006

strutting down the halls with Christ earrings on

I feel most beautiful when I can barely see myself in the classroom windows passing by.The inauspiciously gentle wind making its path through my hair.Faria's memo of 'watch Rang de Basanti' penned on my neck.Wondering why I absolutely must wear my shalwar smack on my belly button rather than my pelvic bone,way down where I like it.Significant thoughts looming in the head include why I'm wearing lime green nailpolish with black and turquoise,how to get taller and my God walter bracelet is ever so hot.Also includes why some girls smell like men and that I wish I was Snow White so I could tell these crows to fuck right off.Its one of those moments where you enjoy solitude,when you decide,I'd better straighten things out,yeah this is the time to think rationally,but you end up wondering how you indeed look odd in the green-tinted classroom windows with the sun providing an ugly background.
What.......what will happen if A and EP come crashing down?Nice thought you put in my head epod.I can't really imagine waisay but I'm kinda considering complete reclusiveness if that happens.Another interesting thought Bia came up with is that what if you don't know whether the one you have is the best you've ever had or will have?What if you'll never know what the best really is?But then Mehar interjected (as always) with her positive,somewhat hopeful interjection,that its up to you to make that person the best for yourself.That kinda got us all thinking in the opposite direction.
Look in the eyes
of the face of love
look in her eyes
oh,there is peace
no nothing dies
within pure light
only one hour
of this pure love
to last a life
of thirty years
only one hour
so come and go....
faggot em stole my boy.*grRrr*.

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