Wednesday, April 26, 2006

times of day

The Indian hullabaloo has come to a gradual standstill,and I'm tired of telling people the same stories over and over again.I kinda think that they're my memories,mine alone,and I want to keep em and put em in a wooden box at the back of my almaari.

So there are a few things I've been thinking about (just a few,cuz too much thinking fucks you up) and its like.Like I want to say something.Significant.I absolutely hate to think that my writing has no effect or influence on the person(s) who read(s) it.and then its odd to think why should it matter,cuz really,everyone's writing nowadays.Its almost as cool as knowing how to speak French (and mind you not everyone can speak good French).

So I had to say something but I forgot.I'm starting Keates today,or rather i have already,and i'm just not kinda paying attention.My teacher looks like watshername,Mary Poppins wali bandi.Except she has flaming red hair thats clashing horribly with the blue in her suit.I'm so mean,but its true!hahahahhahahahahhaha and she says 'poyem'.

I should start swimming cuz like,chuggi does too=D.wonder why she didn't drown,dubba kahin ki (REMEMBER DUBBA AHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA).

I can chik-o-fy Keates' bio from google,haina?I don't need to write down what she's dictating (shit I dont even know her name).

Its odd how all these writers were never writers to begin with.They were all military men,or doctors or physicists.

English is becoming distorted as a universal language.Everyone talks bilingually now.The global village is more alive now than ever.For example,there's not a single thing i can explainify clearly w/o using urdu or whatever.Like,the other day I was talking to James,and I was trying to tell him something,but woh samajh hee nahin raha tha and I got so annoyed and said 'bhai yaar kya cheez ho tum'.He went offline after that buahahahha.

OOH idea aaya.oki bi.

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