Saturday, April 01, 2006

uff pata nahin kya likhna tha bilkul damagh se slip ho gaya hai.

monitering machines do...hmhmhmhmmm...

i hate the way fuad stares as if i'm going to go up to him nd say hi.or the way gul stares like i have a goop in my wants to talk...

*sigh*.i'm least thts wat the stamp stays on my right hand.shudve been on my forrrreeeeehhhheeeaadddd.and now i'm more hungry.THINK I'LL GO GET ME SOME MINU CHOCOLATE frikkin chocolate given to me by a frend.<3,absolutely HEART minu.i hope she has the beautifullest babies and the bestest life.ever and all around.

maaaaaaaaaan i think i wanna get high.payal going *chunn chunn*.hate rasti for kicking me in the rear thrice.AND HATE CRISPY FOR HELPING.i will be revenged.other than tht,pretty cool day overall,mother needs to relax,i need to get taller is calling out to me.SHIT sleep has taken the form of minu chocolate now.shit.this is bad.hate this table,no room to stick my legs in.

correction to all who think so:i'm not a saint.i'm not the light.i'm just a dreamer who dreams about things and knows they won't come true but dreams to live in that world anyway.i am mine.and also sleepy.

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