Saturday, April 29, 2006

unspoken rules

  1. guys wear their watches on the left wrist and girls on the right (or vice versa)
  2. coke owns pepsi
  3. LGS defence has the hottest girls
  4. Boys with guitars are attractive no matter how they look (Jal ka Gauher),or what they wear (erm.Fooki?)
  5. guys should always pay for meals.always.
  6. girls come across as sleazy when they swear.
  7. and its ok for guys to swear all they want.the bigger gali,the better.
  8. chuggi is perpetually on crack.
  9. Pancake Lounge is th3 sax.
  10. you can't say 'no' to Rasti.She is the grim reaper in a gorjus disguise.
  11. A british accent will catch a girl's attention especially if a brown guy has it=p.
  12. London is the place to be (*HINT HINT*)
  13. Its called anti-perspirant...welcome to the 21st century.
  14. Chocolate is a band-aid.
  15. Milo is religion.(and the milo man is an eligible bachelor)
  16. Lacy underwear is so much sexier.
  17. Long hair on women too.
  18. Like,it is SO not bad to like be a valley girl...
  19. Silly antics are adorable
  20. You can never have too many accessories
  21. Or shoes
  22. Or credit
  23. Gumbal and Sul are the sexiest twins after the Olsens.They are also the most edible,a trait the Olsens don't possess..

kudos to bia for helping out on this one.and if anyone wants to add anything,feel free to do so=)


Zainab. said...

perpetually on crack, eh?

feel free to come join me when i do coke lines of the balcony this summer :P:P


and these rules are OH SO true.

Zainab. said...


ManiK said...

interject i must...

*ahem ahem*

gumbal and sul are the sexiest twins AFTER the Olsens?


the Olsens forfeit ;) no argument...