Sunday, May 07, 2006


I only wish I could catch the glitter in her eye.To put it somewhere safe so as to give it back to her whenever the light went out.She walked straight and proud,high and mighty.She owned the world,she did.But no one knew that.It was a secret she would reveal only after she was high and mighty.When the world would stop choking on its own dust and live a little.

She wasn't extraordinary,oh no.But the thing that tugged at your heart and drowned you somewhere deep and blissful was the way her smile met her eyes,so you could tell it was genuine and that there really was no need to fake it.Its what drew you to her,instantly and discreetly,you want to know what she's chuckling about.You want in.Like you always have cuz of you're lonely existence.But you glance at her again squealing with glee as she dives into laughter,and you think you've been saved.

Yep,she's here now.She's going to change your life forever,and you won't even know what hit you till she's gone.

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ManiK said...

explain pliss???

oh and...

just in case you didn't see otherwise = )