Thursday, May 11, 2006

miracle child

The tears mix with the water running down her face.She cries..she..with her chipped pink nailpolish,her unfixable smile,her daunting gaze.She's hollow inside,empty as a train much space,and nothing to fill it with.She sits...she..with the stars scornful at her,her God mocking..there is nothing to make this better.Maybe death..too feeble a thought.she knows she can't do it,but thinking about the escape fills her with temporary ecstacy.There she goes...she..who is nothing at all to herself..who is something for everyone but herself..

She breaks the glass thinking it will bring about something.anything.pain,screaming,sympathy.kind of like why Gikonyo cuts himself with the barbed feel.But anyway.She crumbles,stares,throws targets in the air.She is after all,the miracle child.She is what everyone hoped for.

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