Monday, May 22, 2006

'my laptop is your bitch'

so i'm sitting here,correction,lying on my stomach in a mysteriously dark room,chuggi's feet on my ass,fooling around while she sleeps.she's such a complacent stuffed panda when she sleeps.its when she wakes up...

kher a thaila full of tootsie roll candy.CANDY.candy.candy makes me super-hAPpy.she's got back from an unknown world..yet i cant help but think nothing's changed..sitting eating pasta on a stool...talking about random people and discuss how and what and why things happen.its the same,really.the only thing that's changed is much time stretched in between.but i have this feeling that i'm going to get my life back this summer.i mean,just watching her run around screaming for no reason,getting used to the spirit of the ground beneath her,i know there's something familiar beneath her.and i know that there will be others who follow her soon.others who will want to feel what she is feeling right now.something i want to feel too.

this summer,i will rediscover myself.and i owe it all to you guys.i love you so much.

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