Sunday, June 11, 2006

Bottled thoughts

Today I used a shampoo that said ‘for flat and limp hair without life’.

Weird as this is to say, I froze in the shower. What the fuck was the person who wrote this thinking? What did he think life was? Easy enough to be packaged in a bottle?

Life happened to everyone, and no one got the hang of it till their eyes bulged from the amount of crying they’d done. No one knew what to make of the stains in their underwears, or the make-up they applied so carelessly. No one knew how to eat their melted chocolate properly so they wouldn’t get sticky fingers baad mein.No one knew how to tune the chords so that they strung together in harmony.

Its only when you are transported back and forth and back again that you go, Shit.Ye tou déjà vu ho gaya hai.Certain events you go through and tiny experiences you have gather up to form this one big ball of life, in which an infinite number of people are strung together by the same thin string, except you tie the knots of some people tighter than the others.

For example,Ammi gave me a pickled mango today and I took the skin off and sucked on the seed part the exact same way I used to as a kid in the U.S,when pickled mangoes came from far away lands and used to be a rare luxury I enjoyed alone on the concrete steps leading to the house.From then to now, I’ve sucked on many pickled mangoes in the same way, yet there was something about this particular one that transported me back to those concrete steps many a fall sun ago. Probably the shape or the atmosphere, I don’t know what. But the pickled mango I had today is significant in the sense that it was one of those few moments in a week or in a month or in a year that I realize that life has happened to me.

I looked around the table to see if anyone else was caught in a moment like I was. If so, it was hard to tell. Everyone lies so easily, it’s scary. And what’s scarier is that none of anything makes sense sometimes. Yet we continue living in hope that something will someday happen and everything that once never made sense will all seem so clear now. And that, is the scariest thought of all=).

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