Monday, July 31, 2006

Bruised lover*

'Something inside me exploded the day God cried outside your window.I stared at your half-open eyes and saw my hunger staring back at me.And we fit.Almost perfectly.It was the most magical experience I've ever had,and I hate to believe it was a dream,cuz I know it wasn't'

My eyes hurt from thinking so much.Its like I can't stop.And I finally came up with a theory.
You whine about everything,the distance,the closeness,the hair,the jokes,the lies...and of course,the truth.'I love you.I can't live without you.Do something about the circumstances that have thrown us into our current positions,otherwise I'll die/kill myself'.Its true that man is never satisfied.And now,love is a part of that feeling.It can't pacify need anymore.Love ko kuch ho gaya hai.It needs more sugar,perfect fingernails and no cats.Its needs to let people breathe as if their significant other is as close to them as the wave is to the sea.It needs to let lovers sleep like babies do when they suck their thumbs.It needs to quell the passion inside their chests thats ripping at the seams.For the contours to be that of one person with two souls and not two people with one soul.Only then will love fill the empty void,the huge hole in all our hearts.Only then will it do justice to night and day,to whining and breathing.Only then...

I guess I missed the feeling for a long time.Now it just seems too much to contain.


mehar said...

aww babyyy... *huggg..* :) your song jus came on as i type this, in the background , on t.v. yellow just started playing ah, there he goes.. 'look at the stars.. look how they shine for you... :)

Zh~* said...

i love you poopy:)

Rasti said...

i dont think i need to say anythin...:)
you already knoww....:$