Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Fossiled soil and sand.

'Um,excuse me...'
'I'm sorry to have bothered you*sits himself down*,but I cannot seem to place where we've met' 'We've...met?Sorry?'
'Oh yes,most definitely.However,I'm not sure whether it was that sandbox around 5th Street,or the pond by the pigsty'
'Oh,please,don't burden yourself if you don't remember,its quite alright.Its just this itch that I had to get rid of,and if its not you,its someone else,because there's no mistaking that sandbox..'.
'......You always stole my shovels.....'
'...I supposed I never apologized for that.....'
'..No..not really..'
'Well,then,I'm truly very sorry.They were just such shiny shovels,you see'
'...Apology accepted.You should never hold a grudge for 20 years over a stick of plastic.Besides,lucky for me,you moved away soon enough'*smile*.
*smile*'But of course.Ask me how I remember it'.
'Remember what?'
'Your name.And the sandbox'
'Alright.Surprise me'
'Stupid Sandra with sandy hair' *smile*
*smirk*'I think I still hate you'
'You know,you shouldn't hold a grudge for 20 years over meaningless words and hair that only a few lucky ones have'.
'You are unbelieveably unoriginal'.
'It runs in my blood.Now.Care for some coffee?Its quite nasty outside'
*mimics*'Oh but of course let's have some coffee,dearie.Nasty,nasty,nasty'
'...I presume you don't know where I moved to'
'Let me guess.Scandinavia?Isle of Man?Amsterdam.I've always wanted to go to Amsterdam'
*smile**shakes head*.'England,you annoying turd.Stop acting like we're still in that sandbox'
'Oh,I'm sorry.I thought you used your pick-up line 15 minutes ago'
'Heh.That's....yeah that's good.I'm officially speechless now'
*satisfied*'Now.Care for some coffee?Um...waiter?scuse me,over here please'
*adoring smile*


ManiK said...

*sticks tongue out*

*walks away from sandbox*

Tonya said...

Hello. I found your blod by fluke. Are you a writer? (I'm sure you've been asked that a zillion times..) Did this post happen to you?

Zh~* said...

hey tonya!
awfully sweet of you to stumble over the blog,heh.no,i'm not a writer (i wish i was) and yes i HAVE been asked that quite a few times=).and no this post hasnt happened to me.yet;)