Wednesday, July 05, 2006

the moment

Its all standstill now,isn't it?From the witch-looking woman working in the kitchen to the heat hiding behind the curtains,its all stopped.But only for a moment.A miraculous idea/thought/feeling has burst open in my head and I sip at the milo till it can be sipped no more.I think it,savour it,taste it with the tip of my tongue.It has the power to make me feel all sorts of things...doubt,love,courage,pity.I hurry past the inconsequential,looking for what I'm really looking for.I jaldi se plaster the desired feeling on my line of thought cuz I know the moment's almost over,and sure enough,the heat starts to make the curtains rustle in anguish and the witch woman in the kitchen still has the spatula in the air.I come out of my momentary utopia/lapse,and life resumes itself.

That felt good=)

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