Wednesday, July 19, 2006

some 'extra' ordinary

her tresses sprawl across his chest messily as she stretches her legs, intentionally touching his feet with hers and wiggling her toes just to get some attention. he smiles without moving his eyes from the screen and she sighs because sometimes, she’d just throw that ps2 away. the book clutched between her fingers is about to end and eccentrically, her mind is anywhere but on the story. her eyes meander across the room, noticing the tiny details that were missed – the stain of her tea cup still half filled with coffee (she drank coffee in tea cups, not mugs. just because tea cups have royalty written all over them), his laptop lying carelessly on the chair, the half withered daisies in the glass vase that threatened to topple off any given moment and even the chocolate chip lying alone in the plate that carried cookies just a while back. she looks at him, still engrossed in the video game – this shiny little boy trapped in a man’s body, refusing to grow up – just like peter pan. or may be peter pan was his story. she smiles unconsciously as the corner of his mouth twitches (probably at a wrong move in the game). 'exquisite' – she thinks to herself. she has never known anyone more beautiful.

he catches her then, staring at him and raises an eye brow. she giggles and blushes – moving in closer as if that were possible and continuing to read where she left her book mark. he peeps at the bookmark, it’s almost torn. making a mental note to buy her a new one – probably one with a quote (just so she *squeals* with delight) – he lets his gaze stroll on her face. her eyes gleam behind the smudged kajal outlining and there’s an imminent prodding area, a potential zit perhaps that seems to somehow fit in. her hair smells of coconut, the new conditioner that she bought and she wears an ‘aquamarine’ star sapphire in each of her ear, neck and the ‘ring’ finger. not because it brings out the color of her eyes, not even because it matches her jora – but only because he calls her sapphire and blue is their color. her mouth is pressed together firmly, and if he didn’t know it so well, he wouldn’t be able to tell it was a slight pout (probably caused by a ‘boohoo’ paragraph). 'exquisite' – he thinks to himself. he has never known anyone more beautiful.

‘if i sing, will you dance?’
‘only if you don’t look at me that way.’

(i stoles this from saph,yes i did,yes i did,yes i did=D)(so Bewtifull)


saphiya said...

wahhhhhh. whatta WRITER she is. muahahaha. hahah!


Tonya said...

Well, you are a great writer and I'd love it if I could link you!
Keep in touch!