Thursday, July 13, 2006

There is somthing about the way the puddles in the ditches are glittering in their dark,sinister way.I throw a rock in.Chaos for about 3 and a half seconds.Then its glittering again in the sun.

I hate ammi's perfume.How ironic that I'm the one whoe gave it to her.She was asking me who's fault it was.What an odd question.Of course,since I'm severely involved,she keeps asking and insisting and what not,but its still a very dumb question.I was distracted by my phone,(saved by the bell,eh?),and I never answered her question.I personally think its everyone's fault.

so what if you catch me,where would we land?


Sla. said...

juxtapose your irony with your choice of songs. and your rudderlessness. drifting: a term used to describe what japanese car-drivers take years to learn, and what you do effortlessly.

Zh~* said...

hey,ur back:)

Shibli said...
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Shibli said...

there is no hate,
pretty close though.

you write well chotu.