Sunday, August 06, 2006

everything's going to change.I knew because I looked at my side profile and noticed it was already happening.I think I'm doomed,but I've been told I'm a miracle child,and that God took it upon Himself to pave paths for me to walk on.So I dunno...I guess I can live on hope and not fizzle out completely.I don't even know what to feel really.Scared,cautious,doubtful.All those things.The side of my body still hurts after the operation.That was another sign that things have changed.I will never be able to act.No one likes scarred people.

tractor ki ek light jal rahi thi.pakistan zindabad.

The realization that I'm leaving the best part of me behind made me cling to her more.I just wouldn't let go of her dupatta in liberty today,like I used to do when I was a kid in big stores where gori aunties wore pink lipstick with blue jackets.

I want to pack her in my duffel bag,to help me go through with this inane decision of mine.


Naxuk said...


Shibli said...

dont worry
be happy

mehar said...

Doubt yourself not.