Wednesday, August 02, 2006

pink bathrooms

'man.we've done night-spending scenarios a lot.and like,we hang out in general too.why don't we get high?'
'i're just a fuck'
haan theek hai yaar i slept early.but i'm always listening to what you guys are talking woh kaun thi who was singing 'iris' on buzz's radio?i mean,WHO?she was so horrible.and i felt your ass when you sat on me chugs,hell anyone would feel that.and mein ne jaan ke chaadar zyada le li thi buahahaha.*burp*.and ur such a fuck man.telling me i'm a deranged somalian sitting on the kitchen floor when you KNEW i had the better cornetto,and you joined me later anyhoo.linda blair darr gayi thi tumse raat ko HAHAHAHA.
so i really liked the fettucini alfredo in royal palm.and we WILL go back raat ko sometime,with someone else's membership card,steal the golf cart and make out kisi random darakht ke neechay.wahan ke darakht kafi baray hotay hain.
chuggi's ass's name is big bird talks back.and YES YOU ARE A PSEUDO-LESBIAN YOU,AND DEATH BE TO NICOLE MERI SAUTAN.
those cornflakes were so good.i could feel them in my throat even after i came home and talked to mom and cried and cried and my lush smelling,newly-washed hair stuck to the wooden table.i smelled the table later on too,just to check.aur jo mein ne chuggi ke ghar se milo churaye thay,meray kuttay bhai ne meri absence mein khatam kar diyay.
its not pleasant talking about sex with...weird people.well,not weird weird,but uncomfortable weird.i consider myself rather ignorant when it comes to sex and the pleasure of it,and i assume that the man i shall 'do it' with will know exactly what to do and i will just sit in a corner later on when he's sleeping and giggle.buss.i dont want to know about foreplay,or the stages/bases,or the..whatever else there is.G SPOTS WHICH ARE NOT BEHIND THE EAR CHUGGI.hadd hoti hai yaar.
i will practice raag someday.try and sing like farida khanum or that fabric wali bandi.

fooki sits on my lap to use the computer cuz i wont get off.i hug him from behind just because and i put my ear on his back to listen to his big heart in his little body.he is working out now and swimming and footballing.he is a big boy now,an unshaven,ugly-looking big boy,who wears his heart on his sleeve for the world to see.i put on 'ek ajnabi (STRANGA,DANGAAA) while he is on his phone to piss him works=).what does 'choot ka toka' mean anyway?he speaks to me sometimes in a language i dont understand,and yet i do and its weird but i guess thats how it works with me and him.he's my invisible best friend and i think i will name him conch.aahahahahahha.just stuff fooki.just stuff.

acha i dont know how fooki relates to pink bathrooms,but its all relative=)



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HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. you're such an asshole. i will forefeed you fucking coffee so that you stay up next time.

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