Tuesday, September 19, 2006


so apparently i'm turning/have turned 20.
its probably the worst birthday i've ever had.i mean,i have all the things i cud want (ok,maybe not enough clothes or shoes.you can never have enough shoes.or books.),yet its still so..everything's so...empty?blank.i mean,this woman at macy's wished me happy birthday after phupho bought me my present,but i looked at her all confused.the polite kind of confused,where you want to say something right but then in between trying to figure out the right words and actually coming to terms with what has been said,the moment is lost,and you just smile that awkward 'hmmm' smile.

I took the leisure of putting my phone on silent and taking a shower as the clock struck 12.i wanted a new towel,but the only ones available were all a sickly green.i wore my mani shirt and mozez socks and lgs shalwar.smoothed my twenty year old skin.stood under the very hot water to wash away twenty years of nothing..I also slept like i hadn't slept in years.

God's present to me is a beautiful day.beautiful,beautiful,beautiful day.sunny and windy at the same time.

even thought the day is the most beautiful since i dont know when,its probably the gloomiest birthday i've ever had.i'm not used to being left alone.i think i'll go straighten my hair.


Natasha said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE :D :D. don't be so blue.

oye i called you. you phone silencer. haw :(

saphiya said...

heh- i go to sleep in my lecole shalwar and dani shirt. when winter arrives, gumpy socks will be added too. :)

Zh~* said...

i lowf jew guys.

Rasti said...


Zainab. said...

har entry peh, rasti ka standard "hmmmmm" hota hai.

Zh~* said...

yeah i know.
she's at loss for words most of the times=D

Zainab. said...


Zh~* said...