Friday, September 15, 2006

monster cars and swedish boys

Wonder woman indeed did wonders today.i am proud of myself for once.
For heeding what people advise to me,for being the strength for most of the people I care about..for being a shoulder to those who need me desperately and realize it only after they feel what I am to them.Like R said today..’first I used to cry cuz everyone complained about me living too far away.they said it was too hard for them to come meet that you’re here,I realize I don’t need anyone.*giggle*.

I wear a plastic tiara with plastic gems in it and work around and about.things I never thought I could do but knew I’d be doing them some day.The tiara helps a lot.whenever I act distressed or agitated,I remember that I am a princess,and that princesses do not react in such a manner to difficult situations.

I’m listening to Julia by ludovico einaudi.don’t remember hearing something this beautiful on piano before.highly recommended to anyone and everyone,and a super special thanks to the person who introduced it to me in his own special way=).ooh ooh,also,film by aphex twin.sask.i’m very much into soul and instrumental now,imaad says the only reason he loves me is cuz I’m the only girl who likes ulver=D.

So anyway.i’ve just about had enough of furniture shops and target and Costco and… first experience didn’t turn out as well as I hoped it shouldve.the bastards.put too much coffee in my frappi.that’s it,I’m buying bottled cold coffee from now on.

My room doesn’t seem so dreary anymore.except for HUGE AMOUNTS OF CARDBOARD AND PLASTIC lying around,its rather colorful.and the small decorative paintings I bought of the Chinese (hot) girls has put my poor father into doubt about my sexuality (IKEA BABY YEAHHHH=D).i accidentally told him about my smoking experience,and is it me or have my parents suddenly grown up?he took it in such a cool way.’acha tou iss ka matlab hai tum ne try kiya hua hai’…’uh….hehe?’’zaleel’.i agree they’re very cool parents,but they can be such a pain in the patella sometimes.

Anyhoo,chori ka internet is being a righteous fuck.i feel like having chocolate milk,but its too much of an effort to go downstairs and fix myself something to eat,but then I’m thinking since I’m going to take a shower anyway,I should go ahead and feed myself you know?let’s see.right now the music is unstoppable.I CANT WAIT FOR MY FURNITUREEEEEEEE MY ROOM IS SUCH A MESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.
OCD is a horrible thing to have.*sigh*.

OMG LAST NIGHT.i had the weirdest fucking dream of the CENTURY which is why I couldn’t sleep.I dreamt that it was maha’s wedding with jay and my mom’s wedding with God knows who at the same night,and I was torn between both.I knew maha’s would’ve been more fun,she just is that way,but obviously I couldn’t miss my mom’s wedding,she’d kill me.But then I find out that no one’s coming to maha’s wedding except her own friends,but I decide to sneak out anyway and go.i’m told she’s getting ready,so I go in and there she is,drunk with this transsexual that I saw on the tyra banks show,wearing a shimmery bikini top and a…skirt.she insists that I join,and I voice my thoughts about preferring to watch instead,when the transsexual grabs me and puts me in a mermaid is only then I realize the glittery make up that she’s (he’s?) dolloping onto my face and I think wtf but I play along cuz I feel sorry for (lets just call it an it),it.that and also the fact tht I don’t generally say no to people unless they’re my anyway,there I am with a drunk maha and a transsexual in a bikini (did I mention it was wearing a bikini?),talking and laughing nonsense.I’m getting really really late,so I excuse myself and then maha’s like,’oh the baraat’s probably here,I’ll come with you too,you can’t leave without meeting jay and the transsexual pipes in ‘yeah,bitch!’,so I go ok,although I have no plans of bumping into any cute guy from the larke walon ki side with a mermaid costume I run past the stage (yes I choose to run past the STAGE,center of attention as ALWAYS) and say hi to jay from behind my hand.i stick around long enough to see maha sitting on the stage with her dulha in a glittery top with a jali ka duppatta and a skirt on.she’s very very very happy,so I for the just scowls at me and turns the other way and even though the bikini is gone I can still see its penis in the back.its rather disturbing.I soon stumble out of an ice cream truck just to find my mother looking rather paindoo in a shalwar kameez embroided with golden gota.’WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN I’VE BEEN LOOKING ALL OVER FOR YOU,YOU ARE SO GROUNDED YOUNG LADY’.

end of dream.

I can hear my dad snoring in the other room.oh well.


Vincent said...

one word, Freud!!

Natasha said...

dude try their double chocolate chip frappucino with less ice ofcourse. hahahah