Friday, September 15, 2006

part 2 commences

So here I am after my shower,and still wondering what to do.(the chocolate milk expedition didn’t go too well,so I am now devouring oatmeal crème pie.they’re soft cookies,not whole pies,you idiot)I have a faint feeling that the crème is made of marshmallows,haram walay,but I’m too scared to look.they’re so gooooood.

I fina-fucking-lly got my music cuz I got my laptop cuz mani’s SO cool.but I still cant figure out how to play it without attaching the hard drive,and some of the music is still missing,so tsk tsk mani.luckily,thanks to being the dork I am,I wrote down all the songs.every single one of na?=D.not.

What else?the …no,no..not something meaningful.did I mention that my room’s a mess?at least a dozen times?and that my internet’s not working? machine by the fever is awesome too.why is the ghar ki chabi in my room?seriously,ppl in this house are insane.all I ask is for a little order,but no,it is absolutely necessary for everyone to go their own ways.

I have a vivid image of a drunk guy sitting in the room next to me dragging his chair/table once in a while.he’s also probably watching t.v.he is also probably fat.there is something scratching’ve no idea what you’re liiiike.i’m sleepy.and I am not all amazed by Victoria’s secret ki bras.they’re…like all the other ones.and the model for victoria’s secret looks like a guy.i think my brother might be gay.seriously,her jaw looks big enough to sink the titanic.

Frou frou….aaaaah…more therapeutic music please,my nerves are rot.PICK.UP.YOUR.PHONE.i don’t care what time it is in Pakistan,this is fucking annoying.STOP tapping urself you stupid paper clip with a light bulb on its head.WHY are you bothering me I ask you WHY.i am frustrated at the moment,CANT YOU SEE?where’s that damn tiara.


Vincent said...

thanks for ruining my fantasy - i thought IPEX are awsome! ;)

Rasti said...

quite interesting u lost bitch!
*kutti...oh sorry Kanjar*