Thursday, September 14, 2006

putter putter

barri boriat hoti hai yahan par.especially when ur not in school,unemployed and are in the proces of learning how to drive.mera kamra bhi ulta pulta para hua hai and its just sad.

the walk today was good was the khatta orange juice on the deck.the grass is always green here.almost always.when it threatens to turn brown,God pours down rain..sometimes over a span of 2-3 days.and thats NORmal, just finished raining again,and the pimple that has emerged and popped on its own is hurting like a bitch.saw fooks in his boxers today,i wasnt too pleased.the ass has gotten fat,and he's just...great,its raining again.

i'm indecisive about whether i shud open the box or not.very tempted i am,but its 12:30 am,(longest i've stayed up,God bless the internet) and mother had threatened to wake me up at seven (which actually means 6,or close to it).

i havent told my parents,but the maroon leather sofas are clashing horribly with the tiles.*sigh*.its something about being a grown-up that you just have to have your way,always.

the babies have probably arrived by now,their ages being 4 and 2 respectively.i plan to meet up with a dozen old people i dont lose my any case hot dogs and oatmeal cookies will keep me sane.

i can hear voices,i'm thinking its my parents,but whenever i open the door,i hear them snoring.
this house is better than phupho's.its got lights on the streets,and i can tell that so and so might be awake.
*sigh*.so i've been snooping in peoples' scrapbooks (ONLY THING TO DO WHEN UR NOT DOING ANYTHING),and i'm all confused now.this confusion must be put to a test.i'm going to sleep.


Vincent said...

yeah, and calling them stalkers! :)

Zh~* said...