Wednesday, September 06, 2006

this land is my land

Chuggi was right.I opened my suitcase and felt completely drained.If I brought home with me,my family,my pictures,my everything,what is it that's making me so sad?I just sat on phupho's garage floor and thought and thought and cried.The background music of Fanaa was playing over and over again and over again,until an invisible finger pushes the pause button only for me to put it on again.And all I can think about is what I'm going to do if I ever lose you.I don't even know who you are..

You're like the people who's pose is so natural,it puts you at ease.You're like a lost a picture that drops out of an old notebook.The feeling I get when I watch an airplane in the distance,smoke tagging behing it,and I think I've never seen a more wonderful sight.When I run alone in an aisle,all I can think is the cash register.The goal.The quiet stillness of the night that makes me feel that the only movement going on is of that in my world.When I throw cherries at the wind and I see my strength defying gravity even if its for a moment.The assurance of something you've put in a drawer a long time ago but you know its always going to be there.There's a difference between looking at the stars and being the stars.You're the difference.

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