Tuesday, October 17, 2006

all my designs,simplify.

This tub of salt looks white,I think as I glance over to him.I quietly watch his every move.The fork going in the mouth,the large,inquisitive eyes,the eyebrows drawn together.If I could just...sketch.This second would be just perfect.In my opinion,he's scared of himself.Ok,let's see....inexplicable use of manners?check.Good attire?check.Big goo-goo eyes?check.I wonder what he's thinking.I supposed there's probably too much thinking going on in that head as it is.Sometimes I wish I could...pry it open with like..a stick..or a fork.
He carries himself awkwardly.Like he doesn't know where to put himself for fear of not knowing whether he'd fit in or not.I want to grab his shadow and rip it out of him.The shadow that haunts him and doesn't let him be who he should.
I continue staring rudely until he feels there's something on his nose.With careful precision,he wipes off the grime.Or maybe he's just scratching his nose,I don't know.He smile a some-what distracted smile at me,cautious about the attention he doesn't want to attract from people sitting nearby.Might as well.What bothers me the most is the drawn curtains in his eyes when he looks at me.I see pupils,I see him..but there is no sign of absolute...surrender.When you surrender to someone,its because you trust them,love them,fear them,revere them.Like religious people surrender to God and leave their fate up to Him.Give Him their all,not caring what happens to them as long as they have Him by their side.
Damn it,he's finished his lasagne.Now I can't stare anymore.
Haha,I was so surprised when I talked to you,Mr.Longbottom.You act so different around people who you want.It almost pissed me off to a level that I wanted to hang up on you.Thank God line got cut and saved me the rudeness of it all.
But seriously.Everything we talked about didn't make sense.And you know what?The worst thing is that I couldn't make a memory out of it.Well,I did...lets just say its not one of the best ones I have of you.It goes something like 'Well,THAT was certainly the weirdest conversation I've ever had.You think you know a person.'Whatever.Jo bhi.Poppycock it all.
German,Keith,Chinese-American baby,Altoids,annie's a bastard,and I'm supposed to hold on.I think I will.


Vincent said...

wow - sounds like an encounter with an FOB.

Zh~* said...



Vincent said...

A paradoxical impression; should I believe in the spontaneous laughter which didn't start with an "h", not even an "a" - but an "A"? Tiny on the shift key and there it went. Or should I believe in the well punctuated, and rather thoughtful "no, actually"?
There is a thing with observations. They are always taylored to the specs of the thinker's mind. Waisay, the last statement may be used as a justification of what I said.
May I ask, why would you have been staring somebody with such keen curiosity?
I would have rather focused on lasgna itself. It is a silly dish. I think it is a menifestation of an italian mind - a perverted mind. What does it symbolize anyways - "pasta in sheets, and often rippled"!!
Do you know that Garfield's favorite dish is lasagna, 2nd to roasted mice?

Zh~* said...


pray tell,why did YOU observe my two lines of response with such keen curiosity?:)
as to answer ur question,i was finished with my lasagne,and i was bored.
and hey,thats why garfield gets his own movie and we dont:)*shrugs*.

Vincent said...

True. What we get is not a movie but a moving life. The vicissitude of life is ironic - we are left to believe in paradoxes - we hope, and we pray. As it is said "[...] there is nothing I can do to stop the monster".

Zh~* said...


ManiK said...


i like this fellow. this "Vincent".

he's soo....



Zh~* said...

you're MOM'S random:p
ok no i didnt really mean that:$:$

Vincent said...

It surely beats a father being random.

Saleha. said...



Zh~* said...

sal ur back:D

ManiK said...

it also beats a father beating randomly...