Tuesday, October 24, 2006

wooden walls make little difference to the sounds created behind them.the sounds are no longer a secret.i sleep in the shirt i cry in,so i feel the pain when i sleep.the pain that never leaves me.puffy eyes and 2am conversations are the best way to get you nowhere than where you think you've begun.

so my point is,that everything around us sucks,but like compy sed 'we're all searching for something we dont know' and i think life just passes in looking for that one thing.


Vincent said...

May I suggest having 7up mixed with mashed radish soup.
Also, getting your head shaved by a man in a silly mask helps too.

complan said...

i need your number, punk

Zh~* said...

punk you so fine,you so fine,thank God ur not mine.

i'll call you.