Thursday, November 02, 2006

the art

orange leaves were playing in the field with the wind today.running around in circles after each other,friends,enemies,allies,companions all.long,wonderful walk i had..all along the green meadow behind my house,then the forest across the busy road.i have figured that i'm a nature person if there ever was one.i could live in a forest or in a cave if i absolutely had to.but i guess that's not really about nature,its about how you adapt to your surrounding..and i guess i'm pretty good at that.i find something good in every place,even the dirtiest most un-liveable places.i always find a way out.

but anyway,today was just beautiful.i felt like a guess fall model,hair blowing in the obvious wind,smiling in the sun,scarf going was positively wonderful.all out of a piece from let's iron and wine song.

had an absolutely wonderful dream about God and candles and good karma.i feel i'm more blessed than i deserve to be.of course i do nothing,but i get this idea that God likes me despite my stupid every day says its all about having good intentions and that thats what really says he believes in humanity more than any religion in the world.he wants me to save all the stamps i buy.but how the hell disney stamps?i'd rather post em on my wall if anything else.

(i'm so HAppy,btw=) *beams*)


Zainab. said...

good. about time don't you think? :)

ManiK said...

= )

i stood outside my house after taking the garbage out, just staring up at the stars, figuring constellations, seeing different types...

it felt....homely outside, out in the open street. knowing that we're all sharing the night sky together.


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