Tuesday, November 14, 2006

confidence in high speed

i am seriously contemplating a camcorder.there are so many things i want to to capture,then (probably not) edit them,and show it to someone.it'd be so cool.like a documentary with so many people involved that by the time the movie's done,you still can't remember who's who,but the message has come across successfully.i'm not sure what the message is yet,but that too will come around.

my fake fur jacket is sprawled on the ground like someone killed it,courtesy daddy dearest.i write this while watching a man with waxed armpits exercise on geo.before this a fat man talking about thin models and how we need improvement in our film industry or we shall die an inexplicable death.

finally got my driver's license.the lady was so unbelieveably nice to me.she even told me i sounded like a new yorker.i was so happy happy.

the meet at chachoo's place was probably the most uncomfortable one i've ever had in my life.dad even told me he caught me feeling uncomfortable.fat uncle sprawled on big leather sofa,covering himself with a kid's fleece blanket and working on his laptop.fat aunty perched groggily staring at godknowswhat on the telly.girlys sippin on carbonated drinks and flipping thru holiday magazines.beautiful orange candles standing tall contrasting the stubborn dust.the half empty bottle of black label standing frigidly amongst it all.

indeed,very uncomfortable i was.

trying to read to camellia,but stopping to listen to the fuss going on downstairs.until she pokes me to life again.watching myself grow sideways,my lips forming a huger pout than i've ever known.not being able to explain what i feel when i hear regina spektor or think about fav mani person.

there are so many things you can catch on a camcorder.and i intend to do just that.


Natasha said...

you don't sound like a new yorker, you sound like a calfornia blonde

heeheehee :P

a sexy blonde that is.

when i come to your pind you will take me places. comprende?

Zh~* said...

COMPRENDE you asshole,tum AAO tou sahi.tum se pehle mein aa jaoon gi hira ke saath:p

Natasha said...

you shall forever remain "the bitch who loved me"

lalalalaaaaa *halo*