Monday, November 20, 2006

The first fall

This is a blog about the time I was part of a family.A very complex,a very...ordinary time.A time where only balderdash matters.Where laptops are too small and silly anecdotes bring the past back to life.Lounging personalities mesh into one big ballad of nothing.Cigarettes are crushed on mahogany tables and drives through dark and haunting battlefields make living seem like a joke.A very..frightening joke.

Somewhere along the asphalt,lives are saved.Preserved.Revered.ed.Its a very odd feeling when you watch things that you've only ever dreamed of once upon a lifetime happen around you.As if this magical wave is following you and you can only feel it when the glittery dust falls on your head after its done its work.

What I have learned,and am about to share is this:Never follow inevitability.Never think that you cannot control your own fate.Do not be the plot,let the plot find you.And everything will fall into place.Just like it should,like you made it.Like only you could.