Tuesday, November 28, 2006

mesmerized by the bubbly liquor,she watched as the seductress in red stole the night away.candles on her head,swaying left,right and centre.the men dancing with her,knowing they are no match for her radiant beauty.the women,dancing for something they lost long ago.the clash of cultures,societies,and first impressions,all coming together at one place.the ballroom.

sitting in a daze,she hears much but understands nothing.most of it goes off the top of her head and into the dark somewhere.so among so many of them she sits silent.they think she is too woozy to care,but she in fact is not entirely sure if this is the life she had yearned for for so long.she thinks what she has been scared to think :its not enough.she wonder when it ever will be.

the drive to the mills is an adventurous,triumphant one.she has accomplished something only because of sheer will and faith in doing what is right.the ride back,however,is less thrilling.Its not enough.

nothing is too hard to do anymore,yet everything is so much harder than it seems.a simple phone call that has been put off for many a weeks.the urge to need people.writing.the easiest things have become the hardest to do.the constant praise is alien to her ears,she does not belong to it.

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