Monday, December 25, 2006

cuddles in the kitchen

Its true when they say that 'you know when someone loves you because they say your name in a certain way'.I never noticed it before,but now that I do,it makes me smile.I have come to realize that a story becomes too boring when you insert the word 'I' into it.And I've also realized,that I myself do it far too much.Makes me feel like I know something when I really dont.Its so much easier when things remain a mystery and only the person who writes it actually knows whats going on.Its like a big,blatant,well-hidden secret.

A glass of milk does not satisfy her hungry stomach,but she keeps on scrubbing the bathroom floor in silent protest.Its not because she was asked to.She doesn't even have to.Its because she wants to.She asked for a life where she would feel no pain even after standing for nine hours straight.Where she'd eat a larger-than-life borrowed marshmallo standing in an empty 0 degrees parking lot with only a single jacket on,wondering where her car was.And she waited for the silent snow to fall behind her,so when she turned around,it was a winter wonderland.Where everything is white and pristine like mental instituitions.She notices the slight spray of freckles on Kim's milk coffee skin and thinks 'Wow,she's so unique'.She laughs at Stephanie's innate sense of subtle humour.She watches everyone following her and thinks 'But who am I following?'A single txt msg is recieved late after all is done and tucked away.It makes her feel glad.Glad to be alive.Glad for all the things she does and doesnt have.Happy glad.

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Usman said...

Not bad at all...ur writing has a pinched feel to it...i like that...