Sunday, December 17, 2006

moon child

someday I will get in trouble for being the person I am.Snooty,authoritative,conceited.How I lie,cheat and steal just like everyone else.How I wish at least once a day for something bad to happen to someone I may not even know.How there is always the thought of 'me' in every sentence.And that is the day my self-proclaimed 'goddess' title will be taken away from me.That is the day I will think 'well.had to happen someday'.And be sad.

Iron and wine is god.Absolutely amazing.His every single song makes me think about different things,stories settling around lovers,youth,nature,lost families.They make you think about distress and despair,and how if you actually think about it,they're beautiful feelings.Only he can make them beautiful.'One of us will die inside these arms'.

This infant got super close to his mom today.Rubbing his nose into her sleeve.Zach Braff from Garden State came to mind.'This is true love'.Maybe it is the truest form of love,a mother and her child.No matter if you're telling her to fuck off,like Alyssa,or thinking about her sitting in the next room,like Rasti.Or simply thinking about what you're life's gonna be like if she died,like me and Ahmar.

I should've had clementines instead of eggs for dinner.

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