Sunday, December 03, 2006

pretty lady

the wind howls as i trudge across the barren land like a defeated soldier returning home.a rusty leaf flies over my head and drops neatly a little in front of laptop in my victoria's secret bag scrapes harshly against my thigh and i feel like i'm lifting the weight of the world.i dump everything on the sofa,put my red jacket on my already mis-matched outfit and walk out.its too beautiful a grey day to sit gloves,no socks,no protection whatsoever.its just me,and the grey wind,face to face,hand in hand.

i ran down the field against the wind and it made me fly faster and faster and faster.i felt like you were running after me.running with the back of it all,to the woods where the dirty creek hides.we'll sit on the torn down tree,the water coming from under our feet and we'll take in the grey skies.the angry roar of the naked swaying trees.

becoming accustomed to the sound of the ticking clock and the sight of looking at the world through blinds wasn't hard to adjust wasnt hard to settle comfortably into beady jewellery,silky tops and volumising mascara.i guess its been easier on me more than i thought it would.i was prepared for the worst possible stuff.being alone,stuck in traffic,driving in the dark,being singled out,everything.and even though more or less a lot of the above has happened to me,it hasnt been torturous.i have a feeling its going to get worse though,which is why i carry my patience in my dad calls it a gypsy bag,and i dont mind.i dont mind at all.

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Usman said...

Picturesque...but u ramble a lot, naheen? I guess thats a good of consciousness...