Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I am all talk,and no play.This is possibly a confessional post,so what I might say now I might deeply regret later,but no matter.Its about time I regretted something.What to do when you don't know whats important in life anymore?When you think you love,but suddenly realize you have no clue how to.When you look up from your notebook,blank at the person asking you a question you thought you knew.When you wake up from the dirtiest dream you probably ever saw and think about how the hell did that get into your mind anyway,cuz it doesn't make sense,and if it does,is it supposed to mean something?Am I crazy?Is it a possibility?When all you want to do smile and capture moments weaved into nature like only you could.When the celestial music playing in the back of your mind 24/7 makes you think of wonderful things and wonderful people.There is much history when you think about it,carefully,silently,while doing your speech homework.Thinking about little boys with gorgeous smiles who you want to have just to decorate your wall.Sudoku.Calories.Other little,meaningless important things.You don't know where your best man friend is,both of them,and suddenly don't know who to really talk to about absolutely nothing.Cuz its something so complicated.Like hot chocolate topped off with marshmallows,so it covers the open cup like whipped cream on starbucks frappucinos.I consider all the mistakes we make juvenile delinquincy.We cannot and should not be condemned for them.My hero has a beard.My other hero just shaved to show me how he looked.My third hero proved everyone wrong.My destination has water everywhere,and I don't understand religion.The piano is sacred and Jesus is a mexican boy.
The man sleeping in the grass has many stories to tell.
Fear of the Lord drives everyone in circles.
Tiny dresses swish in the 20º C weather.


Mani said...



i love you, i really do. =)

saphiya said...

i don't understand religion either.

Usman said...

You are a nut...but that's ok. Most of us are anyways...:)

Zh~* said...

my stomach hurts.